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4 Tips how to increase your conversion with an efficient shipping process


Shipping is one of the biggest cost factors as well as one of the most time-consuming processes for any online retailer. Studies show that online shoppers abandon their purchase early if the shipping and return options are not in line with their wishes. Online retailers should therefore always aim to convince potential customers by offering an efficient shipping process that simultaneously reduces cost, and they should do everything in their power to increase conversion rates. 

To support you in this, we are taking you on a trip delving deep into the minds of your target group and, as a reader of the Shopware blog, provide you with four exclusive tips for increasing your conversion rate with an efficient shipping process.

Our shopware partner SendCloud explains in the following how you can increase your conversion rate with an efficient shipping process.

4 tips for an efficient shipping process

#1 Shipping as a marketing strategy

First of all ask yourself: what is your customer promise, and what are the distinguishing features of your online shop? Do you offer fast premium shipping? Or do you agree to deliver to any country worldwide? Define objectives based on the expectations of your customers and do whatever it takes to reach these objectives. In fact, have you ever thought about integrating the shipping process into your marketing strategy?

A good shipping strategy along with providing various shipping options have become indispensable elements in e-commerce. That’s why you shouldn’t leave it to the very end, when visitors of your Shopware online shop are about to complete a purchase, to inform them of the available shipping options. A “Shipping & Returns” page in the footer can provide them with all the important details in advance. 

#2 The perfect checkout

The checkout constitutes the final critical point before the sale is completed, and it is therefore a crucial element in the success of your e-commerce business. Being an online trader, you should regularly ask yourself if the checkout of your online shop meets your customers’ requirements. 

What makes for an effective checkout?

  • Shopping basket: The shopping basket should be clearly visible and easily accessible from all pages of your online shop. Customer should be able to see what they have in their shopping basket at any time and with just one click. 
  • Shipping: The perfect checkout should always offer a selection of different shipping providers and options. Remember that every second visitor is prepared to abandon their purchase in a case of an inadequate selection of shipping options.
  • Payment: Online shoppers often prefer one or two specific payment options and don't want to change their routine. The most common payment options in Germany are the conventional bank transfer method, direct debit and PayPal. Are you targetin an international audience with your online shop? If so, providong additional payment options can make sense due to geographical variations. Bear in mind that the payment habits of German shoppers aren't the same as those of shoppers in China, for example. 

#3 Delivery to pick-up stations

The option of having parcels delivered to a pick-up station is becoming increasingly popular among German online shoppers. This way, your customers don’t have to wait at home for the delivery of their parcel. With delivery to pick-up stations, orders are sent directly to a specified retailer or a parcel pick-up point in the vicinity of your customers. In addition to the desired degree of flexibility, this shipping option also offers the lowest shipping costs, meaning you can generally increase your conversion rate by up to 30%.

Shopware plugins can be used to make your online shop even more appealing and attract numerous additional customers. You can, for example, link various shipping options to your online shop and manage your orders with just a single tool.

SendCloud provides you with an effective solution on the market that allows your online shop to offer shipping to pick-up stations as well. With just a few clicks, you can connect your online shop with SendCloud and take advantage of a maximum selection of parcel services (UPS, DPD, GLS, DHL, DHL Express and Deutsche Post) to boost your conversion rate.

#4 Inform your customers during each phase of the shipping process

Waiting for a parcel to arrive is a source of stress for all online shoppers as there are many questions:

  • Has my order been processed?
  • Is my parcel going to be delivered on time?
  • When is the parcel carrier going to arrive at my door? 

There are many unanswered questions your customers may have, something that can be avoided quite simply by informing them of the status of their orders in real time. Personal track & trace notifications have extremely high opening and click rates. This means they are the best way of staying in touch with your customers and generating new sales. 

Most shipping providers offer the option of automatic notifications for each phase of the shipment process. Unfortunately, these email notifications are often very impersonal.

There are many platforms on the market today that help you utilise the shipping process to your advantage. While MailChimp offers you an email marketing service, all-in-one shipping tools such as SendCloud optimise your shipping process and let you send personal track & trace notifications in your own online shop’s style.

Personal track & trace notifications throughout all the shipping phases strengthen your relationship with your customers and provide you with a professional image, even after the sale. In addition, you can place your own widgets and banners on your personal tracking page and use special offers to generate repeat purchases. The successful “Müller Motorcycle” online shop based on Shopware demonstrates what your own tracking page could look like:


The ultimate shipping strategy for your online shop

So we see that the right shipping strategy and an efficient shipping process can have a major influence on your conversion rate.  Lower shipping costs therefore often also translate into more sales, yet it also goes hand in hand with lower margins. For this reason, developing a shipping strategy for your online shop that is best suited to your individual needs is of vital importance. 

We hope that you, as a reader of our Shopware blogs, found our four exclusive tips for increasing your conversion rate useful. If you want to take action now, we are happy to take you on a further journey through the minds of your target group.