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5 Quick Wins to Set Up your Shopware store for Q4

It seems like only yesterday you were enjoying sunshine and warm sand between your toes, but the time has come to put away those flip-flops and prepare your store for the holiday season. With the potential to be the most profitable time of the year for your store (unless, perhaps, you are in the flip-flop business), it’s important to make sure you have done everything you can to prepare. 

Today our partner nosto, world´s fastest growing personalization solution, is presenting you five quick wins, te set up your shop for the holiday season: 

At Nosto we understand that trying to balance the day-to-day running of an ecommerce store with preparations for the holiday season can be a task more daunting than the Black Friday crowds at Macy’s. We were founded by retailers, we’ve been there. 

That’s why we decided to put together a list of 5 quick wins - that won’t take more than an hour to implement - to help you set up shop and enable the power of personalization to boost your sales and support you to succeed in Q4 and beyond.

And with that done, you can get back to what really matters, day-dreaming about the next time you get those flip-flops back out… Oh, and running your business, of course… 

1.       Greet Your Customers With Relevant Items

Buying cycles are getting longer, with customers tending to visit several stores before they make a final purchase position. This can be especially true in the holiday period when your customers choice of what to put under the tree can mean the difference between tears of joy and festive tantrums. Make sure that when a user enters your store, whether they are returning or first-time visitor, they are immediately greeted with the items that are of most interest to them.

New Visitors: Use landing page recommendations to match customers entering the site from specific PPC campaign with the  items other customers arriving from the same source went on to purchase. This will ensure that your PPC campaigns are optimized for best possible ROI.

New and Returning Visitors: Display top lists to immediately give visitors a snapshot of your most popular pieces, rather than hiding your best converting items in sub-categories. This is particularly effective in the holiday season when crowd-driven trends are likely to emerge!

Returning Visitors: Greet your returning visitors with the most relevant items for them based on their previous buying and browsing behavior. By displaying personalized recommendations or a browsing history listing you are saving them time, effort and by  offering them the items they are most likely to purchase. Not to mentioned an improved UX with a tailored customer journey!


(Great example of highlighting the most relevant seasonal categories and hottest products by

2. Set Up a Gifts Category

Did you know that last year the typical shopper planned to spend more than $800 on gifts for friends and family? ake sure that some of that money comes your way by allowing busy holiday shoppers to find the gifts they are looking quickly and easily. 

HOW? Add a new “gifts” or “christmas” category to your main navigation that allows your visitors to find your selection of gifts in only a few clicks. A best practice is to set up top lists on the gifts page either filtering by price brackets (e.g. Gifts for under $20) or gender (e.g. Gifts for Him / Gifts for Her)


 (A gift category added to the top navigation by

3. Enable Dynamic Search

Some of the visitors to your store are going to be looking for something very specific. In which case the likelihood of them converting greatly increases. Your job? Make sure they find it.optimize search results so customers can find what they are looking for even if they misspell the item name. 

HOW? Boost your internal search by enabling Search and Visit related recommendations that display items other customers using the same search query went on to purchase.


( uses time-limited vouchers to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act now) 

4. Offer Time-limited Vouchers

Did you know that 17% of consumers always use a voucher when shopping online? And with the majority of online sales lost due to undecided, hesitant buyers time-limited special offers can be a great way to create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act now. e.g set up a campaign offering a discount for items purchased before a certain date or convert visitors with items in cart about to leave your store without completing a purchase. 

HOW? Set up pop-up campaigns that allows you to reduce site abandonment, maximize revenue from ad campaigns and, you guessed it, make seasonal sales a success.

5. Automate and Personalize Your Email Marketing

Email automation and personalization is becoming and more popular. And with good reason! Quite simply, it works. Personalization solution Nosto has seen an average click-through rate that’s 10x higher than the industry standard on personalized emails. And with the amount of marketing emails soaring around the holiday period it becomes even more essential that your email communications stand out from the crowd. Oh and did we already tell you that last year email marketing drove over 27% of holiday sales?

HOW? Make sure to re-engage visitors that haven’t been to your store in a while by sending them a ‘We Miss You’ email and send Abandoned Cart email to people who’ve left your store with items in cart but without completing a purchase.

Want to get more quick wins for Q4? Download Nosto’s complete twelve tip white paper here and you’ll be set up for the holidays in no-time!


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