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Interview with David Völker – Teppino

Today we are pleased to introduce David Völker and his first online shop,, which went live only a few months ago. As a newcomer to eCommerce, David looked toward the free Community Edition as the basis for his online shop. In our interview, David talks about launching an online shop for the first time with Shopware.

David’s product line transforms a traditional household object into imaginative worlds for children; carpets into playmats. Using an app, children have an adventure and learn by playing on the carpet; an idea that makes the hearts of both children and parents alike beat faster.

David, we are delighted to report the launch of your online shop, What was the start of Teppino?

The idea for Teppino came about last summer and was built using Shopware from the very beginning. I had already closely considered a few other shop systems but decided relatively quickly on Shopware.

What was so convincing about Shopware?

For many parents, the combination of classic toys and digital apps are still new. Shopware offers every opportunity to explain my product and emotionally stage my playmats. For this, I extensively used the feature Shopping Worlds.

You chose the Shopware 5’s free Community Edition. How was the initial setup of your store?

The answer is quite clear: creating my shop using Shopware 5 was extremely fast and efficient.

How much time did you have to invest before the shop went live?

I worked intensively on the shop for about two or three days. Most of that time was spent making adjustments to the responsive template. I must admit, I am a novice when it comes to template design so it probably took me longer that it would for somebody more experienced. I am really pleased with the result and find it especially great that Shopware makes it possible for even a beginner to adjust the template without help from an external agency.


In our Community Store there is a selection of over 2,000 diverse plugins for your shop. Were you able to find anything there for Teppino?

Yes, in one way or another a few extensions found their way into my shopping cart. I am planning to incorporate even more plugins in my shop in the future.

As a part of our Shopware Community, there are around ten thousand members available for project support. Were you able to take advantage of this support route?

Without the Community, I would have had to go through an external agency to implement the project. From a small problem to the larger template adjustment, I quickly found answers to my questions in the Community and in most cases the response was extremely fast.

Next to your online shop, do you also have a stationary store?

No, we operate completely online.

Which goals would you like to achieve with your online shop?

In the future, I would like to expand the shop with additional content and build up the story around our playmat. We currently have a city variant but expand with a farm option. We’re also expanding our product range with appropriate toys.

What advice can you give for other business owners just entering eCommerce?

From my perspective, it’s extremely important for small eCommerce players to find a suitable niche and have a solid understanding of their target customer. This includes a realistic look at the necessary marketing tasks at hand.

David, thank you very much for taking the time to speak about your experiences. We are delighted that you’re so satisfied with Shopware and wish you and your shop continuous success!


Community Edition - the ideal entry-level solution

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