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ISAAC develops an online experience for Checkpoint Mol


Here at Shopware, we typically report about online shops which utilise the full potential of our software’s eCommerce capabilities to grow their sales online. However, today we want to portrait a different kind of story and share how one company made innovative use of our software to fulfil the unique business objectives of their brick-and-mortar store.

Although the website from Checkpoint Mol contains over 2,000 products, 60 brands and 50 individual categories, no revenue is generated. Why? Very simple: since the beginning of 2017, the company has used as an expansive digital shop window and means to inspire their customers online and convert exclusively offline in their physical store in Mol, Belgium.


Shop with a clear focus on user experience

Checkpoint Mol prides itself on its 1-to-1 customer consultation and personable services, which includes an in-house tailor who is available to individually alter garments on the spot. For that reason, when deciding to provide their customers with a more unified digital experience, the company was looking for a way to simultaneously inspire and provide detailed product information online, while encouraging visitors to visit their offline store in Mol.

The solution is a shop that focuses on user experience rather than direct online sales. Conceptualised and implemented in cooperation with Shopware Solution Partner ISAAC, the shop seamlessly guides the customer through a myriad of outfit combinations and highlights the company’s innovative mix of Scandinavian, English and Italian brands with a stylish edge, without traditional eCommerce functionalities.

“The customer should be guided and informed online as best as possible, so that they are eventually triggered to visit the shop in Mol. Because of Checkpoint’s proposition of inspire online and sell offline, the Shopware platform was the perfect match,” Ludo Beumer, Project Manager at ISAAC, says about developing the online experience.


To digitise the popular lookbooks from Checkpoint’s magazines, ISAAC developed a custom “looks module”, which features more than 50 seasonal looks; from a chic business look to sporty casual everyday wear, there is the right outfit for every man. Clicking on a look brings the customer to a detailed breakdown of the pieces used to construct the outfit. Checkpoint in turn, can easy add or change looks in the Shopware backend.


ISAAC: Perfect partner to create an experiential customer journey

Drawing on their expertise in web development, ISAAC developed the design, frontend and backend, and is responsible for the ongoing hosting and technical maintenance of the shop.

Next to the custom looks module, ISAAC developed a link between the shop and the product information; an integration that includes a daily import of the product details and images, up-to-date prices, stock-information and sizes on the website.


Checkpoint Mol is ISAAC's first project with Shopware in the Belgian market. The implementation of the project took four months. During this time, ISAAC's project managers and developers were in close contact with Shopware to implement Checkpoint's clear ideas in the best possible way, which also had a positive impact on the implementation period.

“We notice the advantages of Shopware. There are many out-of-the box features that are appropriate to develop a good webshop, but customisation is also possible. Besides that, the training and support from Shopware are both outstanding and worth naming!” - Ludo Beumer – Project Manager ISAAC

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