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#MACHDICHBLAU - giving credit where credit is due


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For the holidays, we gave our partners and friends a very special challenge using a number of “Shopware blue” fixings from various Shopware shops (juniper from Sasse, vegan food coloring from Pati Versand, and micro-confetti from MachDichBunt). We sent this bundle of goodies to more than 1,000 partners and friends with instructions to get as creative as possible with the blue contents.

We have always been impressed by the creativity of our partners, but this year’s submissions far exceeded our expectations. We are both excited about how many people “made themselves blue” and overwhelmed by the diversity and wealth of ideas from our partners and friends.

Unfortunately, only one submission could take home the prize, so without further ado: we’d like to congratulate our partner, basecom, on winning 1,000€ towards the event of their choice! But for us, everyone who participated in the competition are winners in some way or another. Check out our “Wall of fame” for submissions made to the #MACHDICHBLAU campaign!


In addition, Basecom created a completely separate Instagram account for this campaign!:


Double or Nothing

Designers in Motion




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