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Part 2: follow Amplid and Pally'Hi as they upgrade to Shopware 5.2

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Peter, last week you gave us an exciting first impression of process of relaunching and with Shopware 5.2. What has happened in the meantime and which topics were the focus of your work?

At the moment we are working on verifying the compatibility of our interfaces, fine tuning our template for Pally’Hi and Amplid and dealing with product maintenance.

How many people are involved in the relaunch?

Two people are working on the template and graphic design and two on the interfaces – we are currently testing just how far the “old” API works with Shopware 5.2. We also have one person caring after the master data of both brands, so that they are able to transfer the data as a CSV file directly in the backend. CSV files without errors are a blessing because anything less would cause too much extra work.

In the first part of our series, you addressed the importance of maintaining your daily business during the relaunch. How much time do you invest on the relaunch every day?

The relaunch, for logical reasons, is not a fulltime job; otherwise, the daily operation would sit idle, and very few businesses can afford that luxury. We started very early preparing the building blocks, which included creating a catalogue of requirements, collecting moods, etc. When you have three months, you don’t face the risk of work overload and there’s still plenty of time to have fun with the project. When it comes to a webshop relaunch, there should never be an overload of time pressure.

The relaunch date for the Pally’Hi shop with Shopware 5.2 is slated for the end of July, and the Amplid store the end of August. Are you still on schedule or did you encounter a few obstacles?

Everything should be ready as scheduled. We have a buffer period of two weeks planned, which is fine considering our new merchandise isn’t even yet in stock.

Shopware Partner agency dasistweb supported you through the relaunch. Can you share some information about your collaboration?

There are two people one the job. One person is responsible for the graphic portion of the project, which mainly involves HTML and CSS stories; the other takes care of interfaces and technical matters. We keep our meetings relatively short and seldom – usually held with Skype or by phone. There were two larger meetings at the beginning of the project, but we have a great understanding with dasistweb and they know exactly what we want.

One highlight from Shopware 5.2 concerns the revamped Shopping Worlds. What is your first impression?

The ability to group Shopping Worlds, plus the new preview function, tremendously improve our workflow. Everything is now much easier to use, and we especially enjoy the time required to play out the remainder of stock while still maintaining the brand experience.

The brand new Shopware Premium Plugin, Shopping Advisor, is also a useful tool for guiding customers to their perfect product by use of a questionnaire. Have you already tested the plugin?

We are currently discussing how we could best use this plugin. We haven’t yet tested the plugin, but can imagine how the plugin can be used to “listen into” the customer’s needs in order to connect them with the right products. Similarly, Shopping Advisor could also work well for Amplid. So through offering a questionnaire like, “What are you looking for – park slope or freestyle?”.

What are the next topics to address on your project roadmap?

We want to offer a quick order function, which could be particularly helpful with a team rider – so if somebody has a problem with their board and quickly needs new gear. Or when a merchant wants to make a repeat order and knows exactly what he needs but only has a new moments time to put in the order.

Thank you very much Peter for including us in your project status. We wish you continued success during the relaunch and thereafter. In the next step, we look forward to reporting the outcome of your project in part 3 of our series.  





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