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Part 4: follow Amplid and Pally'Hi as they upgrade to Shopware 5.2


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In the fourth installment of this series, we met again with Peter Bauer to discuss the official launch of Pally’Hi. You can follow the complete story of the relaunch – from project conception to implementation – in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

1. Congratulations to you and your team – you’ve officially launched Pally’Hi with Shopware 5.2. Were you able to cheers to a successful relaunch?

Of course! Our company is on the south of Germany, where we claim to have invented beer.

2. Looking back, how did the relaunch go? Were there any unexpected obstacles?

Now that everything is said and done, it really wasn’t so bad, but of course surprises come up during a relaunch. Things like issues regarding the template and interface problems, but these are all normal problems that have a solution. Now that the launch is behind us, we can look forward to returning to daily business with even more useful features.

3. In the second episode of this series, you said testing orders was the most critical task immediately after the relaunch. How many test orders did you make and were there any bug fixes?

The entire Pally’Hi troupe, plus our agency DasistWeb, had to buy Merino neck warmers to test if certain aspects in the shop worked correctly. This included: Do our Swiss customers receive a deducted sales tax? Do Canadians also pay for shipping fees? Are premium products automatically added to an order or do we have to manually add them to the basket?

4. Have you received any feedback from your customers or business partners about the “new” shop?

Oh yes – we’ve received several emails from customers who speak positively about the smoother shopping experience. The website also functions incredibly well on all mobile devices. We setup our lookbook as a Shopping World, which was also well received. Images from the lookbook appear as sliding product images; when the customer clicks an image, they’re brought directly to the product page of the item in the image.


5. Did the relaunch positively affect your sales, conversion rate or any other key figures?

We have only been online a few days, so we don’t have such a representative image. Additionally, we have yet to fully exploit the features of the Advanced Promotion Suite. In the future, we will offer socks and underwear as a “2 + 1” deal and create discount campaigns for specific products. At the moment, we only have a premium product that’s automatically added to the shopping cart once a certain value is reached.  

6. Did the relaunch meet your expectations?

Absolutely! We actually had a lot of fun during the whole process. My favorite new feature – which I think deserves a lot more attention – is the option of adjusting multiple products at once. This saves our nerves from having to click through hundreds of products to make small changes. For instance, we can make a price adjustment to 500 products in 30 seconds!

7. In just a few weeks, you plan on launching your other brand, Amplid, also with Shopware 5.2. Are some aspects going to be different from the Pally’Hi relaunch?

Yes, this will also be an adventure! With Amplid, we have 5 customer groups and 3 language shops, which required a complex region selector be built by DasistWeb. We also have an intricate properties structure, which makes it possible for the customer to find their perfect ski or snowboard (the properties will be shown in the frontend as icons). A lot of information about the ski will be defined in a free text field on the detail page, which includes technical descriptions, product videos or measurements in a table form. Additionally, we have 2 shops operating from the backend, so we have to be careful that the two customer bases / newsletter recipient groups do not mix.

To the new Pally'Hi Shop

The Pally'Hi team celebrating a successful relaunch:


Johannes Ritter (Pally'Hi Brand Manager), Rich Ewbank (Marketing), Gregor Common (Sales), Peter Bauer (CEO)



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