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Shopware 5 series: enhanced Smart Search plugin


Every shop deserves a powerful search function; the products in your shop deserve to be found. However, it might happen that a customer is searching for items using incorrect or incomplete terms. If your shop doesn’t know what to do with these Jabberwocky terms, the customer will never connect with their desired products. The result is a frustrated customer and a lost sale, even though their desired product sits pretty in your shop.

With the release of Shopware 5, we have completely upgraded our “Smart Search” Premium Plugin with additional features, so that your customers will never leave without their product again.

From a technical perspective, we have introduced additional keyword functionalities, including phonetic algorithms such as Soundex and Metaphone in order to improve search results despite spelling irregularities. There's even a phonetic algorithm for customers that come from the special region of Cologne in Germany. 

Fault tolerant search

The Levenshtein distance was implemented into the fault tolerant search. This system is used to measure the similarity between two character sequences (i.e. search terms), and provides results regardless of spelling errors or typos. This system has also been used in speech recognition software, DNA analysis and plagiarism detection – pretty powerful stuff!


The new Smart Search makes it possible to create profiles. You can also save and load search configurations with one click.

In addition, synonyms can be created in order to link keywords that relate to one another. The search banner can also be embedded in the quick search bar – even Shopping Worlds can be assigned to specific search requests.

Analysis of search terms

On the other side of things, the shop owner can see an analysis of search requests and results in the backend, including the date of search and the relevant language store. This also applies for searches without any results, allowing you to optimize areas of improvement for overall better search experience.

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