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Shopware 5 series: new Plugin Manager


Online shops with complex requirements tend to require more plugins. Since Shopware is modular, any number of plugins can be added in order to realize individual concepts. Whether three plugins or three hundred, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to manage your extensions. This is why we created the Plugin Manager – the easiest way for you to keep track of your rented, purchased or demo plugins.

With the release of Shopware 5, we fundamentally reworked the Plugin Manager. Now it offers an even closer connection to the Shopware Community Store (central marketplace for your plugins), as well as automatic notifications of expiring licenses. This tool is now more intuitive, easier to use, and saves you a huge amount of time. You can download, install and activate licenses easier than ever before. Plus, you have the option of installing plugins by batch, in just one easy step.

Furthermore, a majority of the plugins also include demo data as an optional download. For precise time management, the download progress is displayed automatically

Never miss a beat 

Large online shops typically use several plugins simultaneously – but this doesn’t mean they were all installed at the same time. For this reason, we created an automatic notification system so that you can keep track of important license cycles. For instance, now the backend notifies you when a trial license will expire. This means you can relax and manage your plugins without having to worry about missing an update, expired license or trial period.


This is how the revised Plugin Manager looks:


1 – Search: this reflects the same structure as the actual Shopware Community Store – this means you can search and download plugins directly from your Shopware backend.

2 – Account section: by clicking on the avatar, a new window for direct login appears. You can open log in by opening in a new browser tab. Here you can make direct adjustments to your account. When logged into your account, “My purchases” will provide an overview of your purchased plugins and associated licenses.

3 – Management: this opens automatically when you open the Plugin Manager. This area provides the most direct access to currently installed and installable plugins (those which come in the Shopware core).

4 – Categories: this mirrors the same category structure as in the Shopware Community Store. Here you can easily scroll through and discover new plugins to compliment your online shop.

5 – New in the store: lists products recently added to the Community Store.

6 – Ready for integration: this area lists all of the plugins which are integrated into the core of Shopware. The plugins framed in grey can be downloaded at any point and updated without logging into your Shopware account.

Shopware 5 stands for more emotional, intuitive shopping. The new Plugin Manager fits into this concept, because we have always maintained that the backend be simple and practical for our shop owners.

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