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Shopware 5 series: Product Streams

One of the very special advantages of working with Shopware is that you’ll never have to wait for innovative features. As a completely transparent company that drives forward innovation, we are always eager to improve our system so that your online shop can rock the modern eCommerce world.

So at our 5th Community Day, CEO Stefan Hamann introduced an entirely new way for online shops to manage categories, called Product Streams. This new feature proves that Shopware is focused on consistently providing new tools that benefit online retailers.

Products grouped by specific properties

Product Streams directs your customers attention on targets products assortments. Boiled down, this feature contains a search filter that automatically compiles product assortments based on characteristics you have defined in advanced. Say for example, you would like to present the latest products from a particular brand and price range, all you have to do is enter these desired properties in the Product Steams module in the backend and the system will automatically create an advanced category for you. These product assortments are then displayed at critical points on your online store, such as category pages, product detail pages or even directly within a shopping world.


The Clincher

Streams update themselves automatically after the desired characteristics have been entered. When a new product that meets the search criteria of a stream is added to your shop, it will be automatically added to the existing streams in your live shop.

All new features of Shopware 5.1 can be found on our separate landing page.

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