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Shopware 5 series: SEO part 2, Germany’s leading source for online marketing, put the SEO technology of three major shop systems under the microscope. When tested in direct comparison with Magento and OXID, the standard version of Shopware 5 took the lead.

Even if you haven’t mastered German, the results from the test report are candidly visual – you can check out the full report for yourself. Otherwise, we are proud to decipher the results for you here.

Overall points from a total of 13:
Magento: 7/13
Oxid: 10/13
Shopware: 11/13

To break the surface of the SEO power behind Shopware 5, we split up the SEO recap of Shopware 5 into two manageable chunks. Yes, the SEO opportunities are that powerful. If you haven’t already, we recommend you check out the first article, SEO part 1. For more detailed information, please visit our SEO wiki



With Shopware 5, we put in a great deal of thought in order to meet the challenges posed by SEO, following the tips proposed by Google's webmaster guidelines. Now you can isolate specific shop pages and the forms of particular shop/languages with separate meta tags and SEO URL structures. The Sitemap XML is generated from a template file that can be individually adjusted. The system comes with an on page responsive design that is optimized for faster load times, which makes for better search rankings.

Optimization options for SEO URLs

We placed Smarty within the URL template so that each URL can be individually customized. It’s important to remember the ideal URL contains a maximum of three to five words and is no longer than 60 characters (otherwise the keywords are depreciated within the URL). We advise testing any changes prior to going live in a staging environment, considering any hiccups in the live environment would have a negative impact on your SEO ranking.

Custom item, category & blog SEO URLs

Using the SEO router settings in the backend, you can completely customize the URLs of individual items. This is possible using the free text fields located within the detail page of every product. Optimizing your item and category URLs makes it easier for search engine crawlers to find your website. It also makes the URL display more readable in the search results. You can also use this opportunity to make your blog article more interesting for potential readers, since original content makes your website all the more appealing for search engines.

Quality SEO backlinks

Another influential piece in search engine ranking includes quality backlinks, which are inbound links going to your website. In an ideal world, backlinks come from relevant and trusted sources. However, the reality is the internet is completely full of spam. Shopware 5 protect your shop from undesirable backlinks (i.e. your item descriptions in external links), by providing external links with an automatic no-follow rule (which you can deactivate, but it’s not recommended). These are especially useful for embedded links, comments, paid links – as Google will understand these links are not endorsed by you, the original creator of this content.

Avoid duplicate content

There is no room for negativity in Shopware’s house – in particular, the negative byproduct of duplicate content. We provide a number of safeguards that protect your online shop. Take this situation for instance: you change the name of a product, which changes the URL. Not only is a redirect provided, but also the canonical URL is given on the forwarded page. In addition, duplicate content can be avoided by producing unique product descriptions – this differentiates the product from similar websites. As mentioned above, issues concerning external links can also be addressed in order to avoid duplicate content.

Content formatted for SEO

While original content is absolutely vital for SEO, it also requires a bit of elbow work to format this content so it’s a home-run for search engine ranking. This includes adding popular keywords in your content. Think along the likes of what your target audience might be searching on Google. Then also work with the title, meta descriptions and headers in order to build links that are appropriate for your content. Fortunately, Shopware 5 comes with all the tools required to climb the search engine rankings.

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