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Shopware Enterprise: Discover the B2B functions


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B2B eCommerce has undergone major changes in recent years. Becoming increasingly more important, B2B companies are moving out of their comfort zone and jumping on the “eCommerce bandwagon” in response to changes in customer purchasing behaviour.

The assumption that attractive online shops are only required for customers in the B2C sector has long been outdated. Modern B2B shops must have the convenience and usability of B2C shops, and support B2B functions such as customer-specific prices, the option of specifying a cost centre or uploading order lists in the online shop.

Comprehensive functions for B2B business models

The B2B Suite combines the emotional shopping experience known from B2C with the complex processes and features necessary in the B2B sector.

Long-term business relationships are much more common in B2B. As a standard feature in the B2B Suite, end customers can upload order lists and place reoccurring orders, and are even able to map rights and roles within their company and release budgets for order workflows. Quotation requests can also be made available for customers.

The framework of the B2B Suite offers a high degree of customisability, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and processes. The following video gives you insight into how the B2B Suite maps internal processes and makes daily business considerably easier.

Shopware Pricing Engine for complex price structures

Purchases in B2B tend to be more complex and unique, which is exactly why we recently added the Pricing Engine to our portfolio of features. With the Pricing Engine, price lists for customers can be individually adapted; the rules can include various criteria such as country of delivery, customer, customer group, currency, or shop, giving the B2B shop complete control over creating various pricing structures.

The Pricing Engine is designed to connect with your existing ERP or PIM systems, ensuring outstanding performance through batch processing. This means that several million prices can be synchronised at the same time.

Interested in B2B commerce with Shopware?

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