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Three questions for: Erik Greefhorst from BZTRS


Today we’re getting to know Erik Greefhorst, CEO at BZTRS – a certified Shopware Solution Partner from Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

1. The retail landscape is constantly evolving. What is BZTRS and how does BZTRS deal with these changes?

At BZTRS we bring together the right knowledge from both the online and offline retail market, for each customer, in order to create a successful online shop. Our aim is to be the only point of contact for our customers. Building an online shop with Shopware will also be a multidisciplinary task, with the best starting points being SEO, SEA, Product Information Management (PIM), integration, content, etc.

Based on our strategic approach, we look beyond the question you’ve ask, and try to identify where this question comes from. We want to make sure that these questions are answered and lead to more fun, more profit and more value.

Changes are a daily given for us. And we change with it.

2. How can a partner like BZTRS ensure an online company can keep up with these developments?

The end result for our customer comes first. We therefore prefer to actively contribute and deliver a predictable, predetermined result, cost and margin.

Because our company focuses on different specializations, we are always up to date. The work we do for a multitude of customers also means that we have a broad scope on the market. Our people are always learning and developing their area of expertise. These “lessons learned” are shared among all colleagues in our large kitchen. This way, every day leads to new insights and ideas go the extra mile for our clients. We stay “on top of the game”, and our clients do too

3. Which trends can we expect to see in online retail?

An important trend for the oncoming years will be online partnerships and internationalization. Integrations with marketplaces such as BOL and Amazon seem obvious, and at the same time become crucial for reaching the customer. These parties are very powerful, which means that smaller entrepreneurs must go that extra mile to stay alive. We are convinced this is possible. By being present, creative and flexible. Just like we are.

BZTRS works for customers who show that (offline) marketplaces are successful, and that Shopware Enterprise in combination with Merchant Integration and Marketplace can offer a lot of added value.

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