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Location und Ort

Machabäerstraße 28

What is an Unconference?

There are no predefined topics or speakers at an unconference. During the conference, participants make suggestions or express wishes. The topics are completely open. The participants then choose their favorite topic.
This makes the topics for beginners or advanced, for frontend or backend, for developers or non-developers. Just as you want!

There’s a lot of coffee and many breaks. The most important thing about an Unconference is the conversations!

How does a conference like this work?

There’s a pre-party on the Friday evening before the conference. On the first day of the conference we want to get to know each other a little bit, so there’s a big round of introductions. Then we will look for topics together and vote democratically (with glue!). There’ll be workshops or talks in different rooms. In between there will be coffee and lots of food. In the evening there’ll be the after-show party and on Sunday we’ll again propose and choose topics and eat a lot...

Who is organizing this conference?

This conference is organized by 5 people from the community who have already organized events in the Magento world and would like to continue this for the Shopware community.
Carmen, Claudia, Fabian, Rico, Tobias


Head over to for more info and to get your ticket!


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Wir zeigen Dir Shopware 6 in all seinen Facetten oder beantworten gezielt Deine individuellen Fragen.
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