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The new Advanced Promotion Suite

The “all in one” tool for successful campaigns in your online shop. With the Advanced Promotion Suite, you now have various proven promotional campaigns from the retail environment at your fingertips, ready to combine and implement in your online shop.

Your benefits with the Advanced Promotion Suite

  • Versatile campaigns in a single tool
  • Simple planning and staging
  • Strengthen your competitive edge
  • Create attractive sales incentives

Effective Promotions

Transfer proven campaigns from stationary retail environments to your online shop.
  • 2+1 campaigns Create enticing campaigns like “Buy 3 pay 2” or “Get the second hat 50% off” and an incentive to make a purchase.
  • Discount feature Reach higher conversions by assigning discounts to items or the value of the shopping cart – discounts can be either absolute or percentage.
  • Free items Give out freebies – i.e. with a certain shopping cart value – and benefit from even more purchases and returning customers.

Be ahead of the competition

With the Advanced Promotion Suite, you are prepared to boost revenue throughout the year on numerous dates with sales potential. You can easily plan your well-timed campaigns in advance and take advantage of opportunities to make a sale, such as the start of spring, major sporting events, Valentine's Day, the holiday season, etc.

Simple operation

In the usual clear and simple way, you can control and manage your various campaigns directly from your backend, where you have comprehensive configuration options available within one central window. You can link campaigns together, limit them to specific customer groups/shops, assign parameters using and/or rules or use in combination with other features: You want to offer a 20% discount for all handbags of a specific material and color? With the combination of Advanced Promotion Suite and Product Streams, this can be implemented in only a few clicks. Digital Publishing provides the perfect base for attractively staging campaigns within your online shop. This is your all-in-one tool for easily creating dynamic banners. You can also combine your campaigns with vouchers or even create coupon codes in advance in order to increase participation in your promotion.