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Shopware Community Day

The Shopware Community Day is an ecommerce event organised by shopware AG. With more than 1,600 visitors, 40 exhibitors and 50 presentations, the Shopware Community Day has become regarded as one of the industry’s more important events of its kind.

Shopware Keynote

In his opening keynote, Shopware CEO and founder, Stefan Hamann, placed people in the centre and heralded the new Age of the Customer. Among the topics enthusiastically received by the audience of 1,600 guests were the features of Shopware’s upcoming release, 5.3, as well as Shopware’s bold vision for the future of eCommerce.

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Feature keynote: everything about 5.3

Never was a release so close to the needs of people, and never were so many votes from the community implemented as in Shopware 5.3. In his keynote presentation, Sebastian Klöpper, Director of Research & Development of shopware AG, covers the innovative features of the latest Shopware version.

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Man in the middle

Customer focus? What does that even mean? Next to user surveys and usability tests, sometimes we lose sight of what’s important: people, who cannot be easily classified and compartmentalised with statistics and numbers. If you want to truly recognise the needs of your customers, you need the ability to exercise empathy above everything else. But how do people actually tick and how does one get a feeling for the problems and needs of others?

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Heart over head

When you go deep into the minds of your customers, you realise the decision to make a purchase is more motivated by emotion than logic. Approaching and reaching your customers on an emotional level is your greatest asset when it comes to differentiating yourself from Amazon. But is everyone really so different? In short: absolutely. This presentation addresses the most important outcomes of neuro-commerce, personas and micro-moments and how they can be put into practice – generate more sales my exercising more passion.

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Expand your mind

The science and practice of mindfulness meditation, and how it can reduce stress, improve creativity and transform our reactions to life. Mindfulness meditation is a way of paying attention to, and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. It helps to reduce stress as well as to develop more focus and mental clarity. It has a beneficial effect on our working practices and relationships. Combining non-religious meditation, breathing techniques, paying attention to the present moment, as well as developing positive thinking and clarity of mind, mindfulness helps people change the way they think, feel and act.

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Hello Human – People at the centre

One of the most extraordinary events in ecommerce

We live in a digital age: The smartphone has solidified its role as our personal assistant, technology influences our daily habits and companies are trying to utilise big data and digital transformation to meet their self-imposed requirements. At the Shopware Community Day 2017, we asked our community whether these advancements are a universal response to technological progress, or whether there is always a human at the end of every digital process. Following the guiding theme “Hello Human”, together with 1,600 ecommerce enthusiasts from every corner of Europe, we laid the groundwork for the new “Age of the Customer” and shifted the focus of our trade back to people, putting human needs at the centre of our actions.

This ties in perfectly with the new features of Shopware 5.3, as presented in the opening keynote from Shopware’s CEO and founder, Stefan Hamann. Shop owners can now look forward to utilising the new Customer Streams, making it possible for them to address their customers individually with targeted content and product offers. The new Shopware backend was also announced, which, with the help of artificial intelligence, points out places for improvement in your shop and make suggestions for improvement.

Per tradition, Shopware made a charitable donation in the amount of 10,000€, this year to an organisation that supports the construction of two classrooms at the St. Veronica Community School in Uganda. We chose this organisation at this year’s donation recipient because we believe that education and personal development are essential factors that define humanity.

The emphasis on placing people in the centre could also be experienced on the main stage, where Tibetan monk, Gelong Thubten, gave the audience a wealth of food-for-thought by leading small meditation exercises. At the other side of the spectrum, “The King of Pickpockets”, Christian Lindemann, delighted the crowd with the spectacular Cirque de Soleil style he’s known across the world for.

The Community on Twitter

"The SCD was a wonderful opportunity to get an overview of both your company and software. It was a great reflection of your excellence as a company and I was glad to be a part of the experience."

Gary Power, Megazyme

"Der Shopware Community Day ist eines der wenigen Highlights im Veranstaltungskalender. Auch dieses Jahr stimmt wieder alles: Außergewöhnliche Speaker wie Gelong Thubten oder Christian Lindemann, perfekte Organisation und eine einzigartige Location machen das Event zum Erlebnis."

Jochen Fuchs, t3n

"Der Shopware Community Day war ein spannender Tag und ist wie jedes Mal ein erfreuliches Event."

Georg Schnurer, C‘t

"Der Shopware Community Day war in meinen Augen ein voller Erfolg - ein Tag voller guter Gespräche, spannender Insights und nicht zuletzt natürlich einer hervorragenden Aftershow-Party. Mein persönliches Highlight war aber Gelong Thubten: Man fragt sich erst, wie ein buddhistischer Mönch in eine E-Commerce-Veranstaltung passt. Wenn man dann aber inmitten des ständigen Buzz drumherum eine 5-minütige Meditationsübung macht und kurz komplett entschleunigt, dann ist das ein schräger, aber spannender Kontrast!"

Christoph Pech, Händlerbund

"Wenn ich bei Euch war, fühle ich mich 4 Wochen lang nicht mehr wie 50 :-)"

Peter Bauer, Galerie of Modern Art

"Die Vorbereitung und Durchführung waren aus unserer Sicht erstklassig. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt aufs nächste Jahr!"

Jon von Karstedt, PayPal

"Mit Shopware 5.3 wird ein guter Online-Shop zum persönlichen, virtuellen Shoppingberater, der rund um die Uhr für einen da ist und den man gerne besucht."

Henning Groß, Netzkombyse.de

"Immer wenn man denkt, es geht nicht mehr besser, lässt sich Shopware wieder etwas Neues einfallen. Besonders gut gefallen hat mir beim SCD 17, dass es in den Keynotes weniger um Technik, sondern den Menschen als wichtigsten Akteur des Onlinehandels ging. Damit hat Shopware wieder einmal einen Benchmark für E-Commerce Veranstaltungen gesetzt."

Peter Höschl, Shopanbieter.de

"Um das Leitthema "Hello Human" auf den Punkt zu bringen, hatte Shopware ein hochkarätiges Progamm auf die Bühne gebracht."

Klaus Dietzel, haufe.de

"Shopware ist noch lange nicht am Ende seiner Entwicklung angelangt. Wahrscheinlich hat der Aufstieg gerade erst begonnen."

Rupert Joemann, Westfälische Nachrichten

"Shopware hat als Hersteller begriffen, dass es nicht darum geht immer wieder neue Funktionen zu hypen. Nein, es geht darum bessere Shops zu bauen, Shops die mehr verkaufen, weil Sie den Kunden begeistern. Der Kunde entscheidet, der Kunde klickt auf den Bestellbutton."

Oliver Kraft, Sologics

"Our first Shopware Community Day was a very interesting day. A lot of good keynote speeches, especially the sessions which were held specifically for UK partners and clients. It was a really great day to learn a lot from the technical level over to the business level and of course the strategy moving forward - Definitely worth spending the time."

Jas Sandhu, Astound Commerce

"Wir haben viele Eindrücke mitgenommen und besonders für den Austausch mit den anderen Entwicklern und Partnern ist es eine tolle Plattform."

Marc Noller, MND Next

"Der Shopware Community Day ist ein vielseitiges Event, wegen dem sich immer wieder die weite Anreise aus München lohnt."

Ronald Wiltscheck, Channelpartner

At the Shopware Community Day 2017, we laid the groundwork for the new Age of the Customer and shifted people back into the centre of all facets of our business – and we’re keeping this philosophy to heart with Shopware 5.3. The release contains a number of small and large improvements that benefit both shop owner and end customer alike. Never was a release so close to the needs of people, and never before were so many votes from the community implemented as in Shopware 5.3.

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