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Shopware Community Day

Every year, the Shopware Community Day brings together ecommerce enthusiasts from across Europe to discover current and future trends.

Following the motto “Beyond Horizon” at the Shopware Community Day 2018, we ventured beyond the classic scope of ecommerce to explore what lies ahead. In his opening keynote, Shopware founder and CEO Stefan Hamann urged each and every one of us to hold tight of our childhood creativity and have the courage to forge new paths moving forward. Numerous top speakers shared similar messages and presented their own views on the current and future state of ecommerce, digitisation and the world of tomorrow.

Thank you for being there and making the day such an unforgettable event. Relive the Shopware Community Day in our recap and experience the exciting moments from a completely new perspective.

Keynotes of the main stage

Stefan Hamann
Opening keynote - Beyond Horizon

When it comes to turning ideas into sustainable projects, the preservation of imagination and courage to go beyond your own boarders play a determining role. In his opening keynote, Stefan Hamann shows why everyone should hold tight to their creativity, how Shopware exercises imagination and what is currently being researched and developed. Look forward to learning more about the next Shopware release and what you can expect in the near future.

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Sebastian Klöpper
Feature keynote – the Shopware 5 universe

What has happened since the last SCD in the Shopware universe? Sebastian Klöpper, Director Research & Development, has a great deal of news to share. This is not only about the latest Shopware version, but also about an update to the B2B Suite and many other details that have been developed around the Shopware 5 line. Samuel Vogel, CEO of Pickware, will then present the latest news about the Shopware ERP.

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Peter Wippermann
Radical digital – from the product to the customer

In his slot, Peter Wippermann provides answers to burning questions about current changes in society. Why does digital media change our everyday life? Why do people up to 34 years old prefer to meet in the virtual world? Why do consumers value data from the past, present and future?

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Ben Hammersley
The True Challenges of AI

Artificial Intelligence will be a challenge to your job and your business, but not in the way you think. In this talk, Ben Hammersley, will discuss the changes to come, what they are, and what they are not, and how to prepare for the world of the future, today.

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Johannes Altmann
The lucky ones!

We sit in the waiting room of perfection and wait for the day when our shop will be successful. Occasionally, a new hype startles us from our complacent idling and we run in the wrong direction with irrational exuberance. We lose our bearings in the forest of possibilities and forget to think of the customer's happiness. In this presentation, Johannes Altmann provides reorientation and takes us on an excursion into the roots of what we do.

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Felix Thönnessen
With oomph into rocket land - The courage to break new ground

Felix Thönnessen takes you up close and personal to the stories of those who started something big and shows how you can use courage and motivation to reach success. Forging new trails and being prepared to take risks as an entrepreneur are the coach’s motto from the popular TV programme “Die Höhle der Löwen” (based on “Dragon’s Den”). Ready to catch some enthusiasm?

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"Der Shopware Community Day ist nicht einfach eine Messe - Es ist ein lockeres, freundliches und familiäres Zusammenkommen mit Kunden, Kollegen und Geschäftspartnern."

Claudia Wergin, 8mylez

"Kompakt und vielseitig."

Andreas Janssen, Blauband GmbH

"Als Designer fand ich es sehr spannend und informativ den Shopware Community Day besuchen zu dürfen. Man merkt gleich, dass hier mit viel Leidenschaft und Herzblut gearbeitet wird. Aber es ist nicht nur die Liebe zum Produkt, was Shopware so besonders macht - im Mittelpunkt steht immer der Mensch - ich habe mich sehr gefreut, ein Teil dieser Gemeinschaft zu sein."

Stefanie Bludau

"Alle nehmen einen freundlich und offen auf, wie eine große Familie."

Gero Ostendorf

"I’m not sure if there’s a way of measuring a great company culture, but I’ve just witnessed lots of high fives and hugs from the @shopware team for a super successful day @scd_2018 it’s clear to see they are winners #Shopware #TogetherStronger."

Jon Woodall, MD & Founder Space48

"Der Shopware Community Day ist eins der Highlights des Jahres in der E-Commerce-Branche. Auch in 2018 hat Shopware wieder einen drauf gesetzt. Themen - Top; Leute - Top; Atmosphäre - Top; After-Show-Party - Top (nach langer Shopware-Tradition)!"

Anna Lorenz, Senior Partner Manager, Tradebyte Software GmbH

"In Sachen "state-of-the-art E-Commerce Business Events" setzt der SCD Maßstäbe."

Georg Schnurer, Christian Hagemeyer

"SCD2018 - der Superlativ der Partner-Veranstaltungen so far "

Felix Gaksch, Shopmacher

"Very impressed with #SCD18 and @shopware company. Extremely friendly, open, honest, approachable & always looking at how they can help their partners & clients. Superb discussions, learning a lot from partners & clients. Great presentations about future of #Ecommerce."

Yair Spitzer, CEO Inviqa

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