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Always a step ahead

The innovative spirit of Shopware

At Shopware, we are not satisfied with the status quo. We think out of the box with the clear mission of revolutionising digital trading. We therefore take many steps to always stay ahead and develop solutions that will serve our community in the future. More than 20 percent of our annual turnover goes into research and development. This helps us to make Shopware one of the most innovative shop systems on the market.

Brandeins Award

brand eins Thema Innovator of the Year 2019
The renowned business magazine brand eins, in conjunction with the Statista online portal, has given Shopware the "Innovator of the Year award for 2019".

Made in Germany

Made in Germany
This logo stands for the fact that our complete product catalogue is developed with the highest quality and care from our headquarters in Germany. What’s more, “Made in Germany” represents Shopware’s Westphalian down-to-earth attitude and commitment to nurturing our hometown with a number of community initiatives.

The Principle

Hello Human

Putting people centre stage

The human being is at the centre of our development and design process. Having an open mind for new technology and maintaining an customer-centric approach are established components of our corporate philosophy. We call this principle "Hello Human". And this applies to the user experience of our end customers just as much as to the usability for shop operators in the backend. We deliberately put the focus on human beings in order to develop solutions today for the digital world of tomorrow.


Our Vision of the future of ecommerce

Our patterns in using products and services will change rapidly due to groundbreaking new technologies. For this purpose, the consumer must always be the focus of all considerations. For retailers and manufacturers, this means creating the best possible shopping experience for their customers. We believe in three pillars that will have a crucial impact on the future of online retail.

The pillars of online retail

We are convinced that in the near future automation, individuality and experience will be at the core of successful online retail. These three megatrends were the spark behind the visionary idea that a completely new software foundation was required to support future developments in ecommerce. We have therefore created a new technological basis for all future Shopware solutions to bring your online business into a new, successful era.


Treat your customers as the individuals they are

Every customer should be offered a shopping experience that is as tailored as possible. The products themselves should celebrate the individual and perfectly reflect the unique personality of every user.

Individuality Mood 1 Individuality Mood 2
Individuality Mood 3 Individuality Mood 4

In the future, people will focus more on individualism, optimism and meaningful relationships when making a purchase, opting to align purchases with their personal values.

The pursuit of human comfort

New technologies and automated processes aim to facilitate or even relieve users of routine tasks, ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible when it comes to placing an order. Well-known products or services are delivered at the lowest price and with the fastest possible shipping time – without a single mouse click.

Automation Mood 1 Automation Mood 2
Automation Mood 3 Automation Mood 4

Shopping becomes an experience

As everyday life becomes more automated, unique customer experiences will become all the more important. Emerging technologies that are in the process of going mainstream are opening doors to new, diverse worlds of experience.

Experience Mood 1 Experience Mood 2
Experience Mood 3 Experience Mood 4

Customers should be able to vividly immerse themselves in shopping environments, where products are tangible and can be experienced as if they were already at home. The online shopping experience of tomorrow will hardly differ from visiting a busy shopping district.

The new Shopware universe

We have been intensively researching what a new software foundation must offer in order to successfully shape the future of online retail. It must be as individually adaptable as we human beings are. The resulting solutions should automate as far as possible, and must offer customers an excitingly staged product experience.

This product vision has given rise to a new technological basis with a completely redeveloped and state-of-the-art core that consistently follows the API-first approach. Another important component is a new, flexible and modern administration interface that makes daily work all the more enjoyable. You can watch the initial results of our development here.

Get involved!

Do you want to contribute to the future of ecommerce? The current state of our new Shopware platform is already on GitHub.

The development of Shopware should closely follow what you as shop owners and your end users truly require. That is why we do not rely exclusively on analyses by market researchers and experts, but rather research the future of ecommerce ourselves – together with you and by using completely different methods and approaches.

Shopware Labs

Shopware Labs Mood 1
Shopware Labs Mood 2

The Shopware labs consoludate the ecommerce expertise of our entire community in order to make Shopware even better. Here we research the future of online trade every day using state-of-the-art hardware, up-to-date technology, and the power of inspired ecommerce enthusiasts.

Think tanks

Think tanks Mood 2
Think tanks Mood 1

Through holding regular think tanks, we’ve created Shopware's own thinking factory, where we work on innovative approaches together with you, carry out step-by-step experiments on prototypes, and put established – or even slightly old-fashioned concepts – to the test.

User research Mood 1
User research Mood 2

User research

Feedback from both end consumers and shop owners is equally important for our development process. We therefore regularly carry out surveys and investigations which help us continually improve the usability of Shopware.

Hackathons Mood 1


Hackathons Mood 2

During Shopware hackathons, in-house and external developers have the unique opportunity to work on together on projects for which they would otherwise have no time. Not only do exciting developments come out of the cooperation, but we receive valuable input for our software.

Our values

Groundbreaking ideas don’t just spring from the drawing board; a great deal of pioneering spirit and a certain level of openness are also needed. Sometimes all that’s required is an absurd idea to get the ball rolling. That is why we at Shopware live and breathe absolute openness towards new approaches and ideas, and this is also reflected in our corporate values. This lets us think out of the box – in the best sense of the word.

To our Values
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