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Arco Regio

Arco Regio AG operates three large brick-and-mortar furniture stores in Switzerland. These include Möbel EGGER (12,000 m²) in Central Switzerland, Möbel Svoboda (9,000 m²) in Eastern Switzerland and Möbel Hubacher (14,000 m²) in the Swiss Plateau. All three stores offer an extensive range of products for the home.

Key facts

Shopware edition


  • Arco Regio AG belongs to the Pfister Group and unites the EGGER, Hubacher and Svoboda furniture stores under one roof


  • Furniture, furnishings and household goods


  • B2C shop
  • Distribution exclusively in Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as via the external marketplace "Google Shopping"
  • Use of three subshops

Technical features


  • Shopware solution partner KMUdo AG
  • Twelve-month implementation duration
  • Project volume: 170,000 CHF (150,000 Euro)

User-friendliness, modularity and Shopware backend impress

Arco Regio AG is no newcomer to eCommerce; five years ago, the company set up two online shops for the EGGER and Svoboda furniture stores. As part of a relaunch, the online shops of both furniture stores were recently migrated to Shopware.

For the Hubacher furniture store, the first online shop was realised directly on Shopware. Previously, Möbel Hubacher was only able to present an information page based on TYPO3. 

"For our furniture stores, we need a shop system that is user-friendly and modular. We also want to reflect emotions and content. And it's important for us that our shop solution keeps pace with the latest technologies and is constantly evolving. We're glad that these requirements could be met with Shopware," explains Pascal Schacher, Head of eCommerce at Arco Regio AG. 

Another important factor has been the handling of the backend, as it is important for the owner of the furniture stores to be able to operate the subshops itself. In addition, the shop solution should offer stable performance in order to offer customers the best possible shopping experience.

Currently, the furniture store owner has three subshops in operation, which deliver exclusively to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The shop sells around 4,000 items in around 400 categories.


Specific shipping methods and extended functions place special demands on shop software

"We offer specific shipping methods, which have been made possible by special shipping conditions or calculations. We will also soon be introducing waste disposal items that also require additional development," explains Pascal Schacher.

Through the Speed4Trade interface and the complementary development of Shopware partner KMUdo AG, Arco Regio AG was able to connect its ERP from SHD Ecoro. Furthermore, KMUdo AG has developed plugins which cover the individual needs of the furniture store owner, e.g. a special promotion plugin, a separate video tab in the product view or waste disposal items.

Arco Regio AG faces up to the challenges

The first difficulty was the fact that Switzerland rounds amounts to five centimes, something that Shopware does not account for as standard. For this reason, the functionality was covered by a third-party plug-in.
A CRIF credit check was also implemented with the help of a third-party plugin, and the web shops were designed with the support of KMUdo AG.

They faced another challenge when it came to product maintenance, as multiple editing was only possible to a limited extent, e.g. when adding the same video to various products.

The capability of the subshops was acceptable at branch level, but initially very difficult for three independent shops. However, the agency's support made it possible to overcome this difficulty. 

Successful implementation of the shop project with Shopware partner KMUdo AG

With Shopware, Arco Regio AG has found a user-friendly, modular software solution and is satisfied with the cooperation between the parties involved.

"KMUdo AG supported us in the areas of planning, concept and realisation. The cooperation is very much based on partnership," concludes Pascal Schacher.


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