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      lobal trading company for jewellery and accessories relaunch online shop with Shopware 6

      Beeline GmbH develops the product range for three fashionable jewellery brands Six, Iam and Tosh and offers white label and private label solutions for its retail partners in 47 countries. The jewellery seller’s product range includes around 30,000 products sold in 25,000 stores worldwide. 80% of these products are oriented around seasonal fashion and, for this reason, are constantly being redesigned.

      Most recently, the retail company is focusing on the pioneering online shop solution, Shopware 6, for its B2C range because it offers the possibility to further unleash its international growth while putting a perfect customer experience at the centre. As a follow-up step, the shop solution will be extended to the B2B segment as well.

      Sales in 47 countries and external market places

      The jeweller’s omnichannel business model primarily uses the concession principle for its B2B business and B2C business through its own retail stores and online shops and, as well as online market places Amazon and Otto. Additional external market places are in planning but only include a selected product range; the entire product selection can be found in their own B2C business.

      The pieces of jewellery and accessories are distributed via 25,000 points of sale. These are chiefly the shop-in-shop solutions on platforms of other retailers in 47 different countries as well as about 200 of their own stores across the world.


      Great experience with Shopware 5 built trust for Shopware 6

      Beeline GmbH currently operates a Shopware 5 shop for the Tosh brand whilst relaunching the online shop for the Six brand on Shopware 6 a short time ago. It is also planned to run the online shop for the Iam brand on Shopware. The reasons to continue to rely on Shopware and trust in Shopware 6 are the great experiences that the retailer has already had with the platform.

      “We are already familiar with Shopware 5. Additionally, we have learnt to value Shopware through its flexible and, in particular, simple possibility for further developing the technology and keeping our shop state-of-the-art. The online software manufacturer has made a significant step towards enterprise capability with Shopware 6. The selected tech stack is forward-looking and promises to manage the initial challenges we are facing through the API-first approach,” added Kati Lu Kuehnberger, Head of Ecommerce at Beeline GmbH.

      The jeweller sees a promising flexibility in the new Shopware 6 features, particularly with respect to the Rule Builder in the area of shop management and future capability. Moreover, the company is choosing Shopware 6 so that it can avoid the increased migration work from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 that will be coming up in the foreseeable future.

      Expansion of the online product range and internationalisation

      Beeline GmbH currently lists around 1,000 different products in the shop. The plan is to extend the range to 10,000 products that exist in 25 different categories in the base navigation and expand that to a further 25 trend categories.

      The Shopware 6 shop currently is aimed at business in Germany, but the plan is to expand internationally to Europe in the near future. “The international focus of Shopware 6 also helps us in implementing our expansion plans quickly and simply,” said Kuehnberger. Besides just translating the shop into different languages, Shopware 6 is tied to many other aspects and offers security and flexibility:

      • Tailored to the legal framework in various countries

      • Multi-currency and multi-language capability

      • Rule-based prices and checkout configurations for different markets

      • Country-specific sales channels

      • Configurable tax calculation for simple, international scaling

      Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences play a central role in the online shop

      Shopping Experiences are used effectively for the collections. The jeweller has new products and hot topics each week that they want to present attractively for their customers with optimal content formats. “The Shopping Experiences feature play a central role here and enable us to present new content simply and efficiently at short intervals. The link to the business rules tops the whole thing off, as we are also able to present individualised experience worlds to the customer,” Kuehnberger stressed.


      New shop solution meets requirements

      The company formulated various targets for Shopware 6 that could be met and implemented by Shopware and Shopware partner agency, signTEK GmbH & Co. KG. This included a strong case for growth, a link to further partners and always a simple-to-use standardised shop system. The focus on internationalisation and the expansion of the Shopping Worlds (also on transactional pages, such as product detail, view and basket) are further functions that favour Shopware 6.

      The API-first approach guarantees the flexibility required by the jeweller and reduces the necessary work involved in operating cross-channel and cross-device commerce. Shopware’s user-friendly administration, which is characterised by a clear and tidy interface and navigation with a simple and structured user navigation, is also impressive.

      Further plans for the shop

      The shop relaunch was implemented as an MVP project. The shop is continually being optimised for Six as part of further agile development.

      Further significant topics are in planning:

      • Internationalisation

      • B2B module

      • Market place link

      • Improvement of the customer journey through customer evaluations, product recommendations and content enrichment

      • Integration of the CRM module

      • Setup of a mobile app

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