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Within the vast landscape of an ever-changing market, it’s difficult an online merchant to know whether or not they are on the right path. However, once an online shop receives consecutive awards within the span of 6 months, they can feel confident they are doing something right. In the case of the devolo online shop, they have certainly earned this luxury.

From their offices in north-western Germany, devolo develops innovative powerline and data communication products for private clients and professional users. Since 2002, devolo has used their specialization in dLAN and home control to pursue the goal of connecting people with the networked world, both in home and business.

Shopware as a steadfast foundation

During project implementation, the greatest challenge was to find a way to communicate corporate information and maintain their appearance as a manufacturer shop, all while appealing to the buying interests of the end customers. “We wanted the devolo website to create a sense of symbiosis between content and commerce that was attractive for both end customers and business customers,” said Niko Bozok, Director of Digital Business at devolo. To realize the highly specialized project, devolo looked toward Netshops, an experienced Shopware Enterprise partner from Hamburg, Germany. Netshops CEO Stefan Sobczak said of the project: “It was only during the implementation period that we realized the entire scope of the project requirements. As such, the solution had to be adjusted accordingly. Shopware really proved itself as a solid, easily adaptable solution for the devolo shop.”

Specifically, the shop is now a combination of a Typo3-CMS and Shopware. The fully responsive template is based on Typo3, the product data maintenance and the purchasing process, as well as the shop functionalities, operate using a Shopware Enterprise edition in the background.

Moreover, Netshops connected the ERP system, SAGE, diverse marketing tools, and the customer platform, “my devolo”, by means of a single sign-on solution. Using this solution, when devolo users sign into the “my devolo” portal, they can also sign into the shop itself without reentering their information.

Emphasis on the service component

In order to encourage consumer confidence, particular attention was paid to the service area, with the result giving the customers a positive feeling regarding the product experience. Particular features, such as a chat integration, were used to ensure the service of the online shop matched that of the brick-and-mortar stores.

Other aspects of usability and customer communication were also reinforced. For instance, when a certain shopping cart value is reached during the checkout process, an info box appears with the contact information of the devolo Customer Support Center – with a short call, the customer can take advantage of free initial support. In another instance, when a certain shopping cart value is met in specific product categories, the customer receives a PDF to download, which can be used to get free spare parts and maintenance services during a defined period of time.

Next to the impressive product assortment, the shop does an excellent job of clearly and concisely displaying all relevant product and company information. The individual product pages service both the emotional and rational levels of the purchasing decision. Text and image content – such as videos, FAQs, articles, reviews and downloads for drivers – are centrally available on the website. Despite the extensive amount of information available throughout the website, the usability is nevertheless outstanding.

The project implementation took a total of nine months to complete, and as devolo’s first step in the direction of B2C business, all parties are completely satisfied with the result. “For us, devolo was and is an exceptionally challenging project, but with complete dedication and commitment the project became a huge success. We particularly enjoyed cooperating closely with devolo and were able to highlight certain technological points by combining Shopware and Typo3,” Stefen Sobczak assessed of the project.

And Nico Bozok is especially convinced by the result: “Apart from the fact that the shop was implemented in a more that satisfactory way, our turnover grew, as was always envisioned.”

3 major awards in only 6 months

Even objectively, the devolo concept shows very clear strengths. In less than half a year, the shop was already decorated with three prestigious awards, confirming the project’s remarkable standing.

The devolo shop dominated the Shop Usability Award in September with two awards; one for “Best Brand Shop” and the other for “Special Interest”. The Internet World Business is Germany’s largest B2B fair. In the 2016 Shop Awards, devolo took home the category of “Best Product Presentation”.

All parties involved are confident these are not the last prizes to decorate the outstanding online shop from devolo.


Key Facts

Technical features

  • Combination of a Typo3 CMS and Shopware
  • Connection with “my devolo”
  • Connection to SAGE ERP system
  • Chat integration



  • Netshops from Hamburg, Germany
  • Nine months to completion
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