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Location and Place


Connect with us virtually!

The year 2020 is already one of the most challenging years in recent times. The COVID-19 crisis still has major impacts on our daily lives and therefore on attending expos and conferences. Protective measurements and uncertainty make it impossible to plan an event such as the eCommerce Expo, which is why the on-site event has had to be cancelled. The organisers, however, have put in place a virtual event, which will cover three days of keynotes, seminars and workshops.

We are proud to contribute a seminar to the programme on 30 September 2020. So, buckle up and attend the virtual eCommerce Expo, so that despite of everything we can connect again!

 Learn first-hand about the latest news from Shopware universe:

  • The latest features made available by Shopware 6

  • Shopware’s new business intelligence tools

  • Tips on how to effectively internationalise your business using Shopware

  • Tour the B2B Suite through illuminative success stories, and much more!


 About the eCommerce Expo

The eCommerce Expo is the leading UK event dedicated to the ecommerce industry. Connecting over 8,000 industry leaders and decision makers with providers of the newest ecommerce technologies.

Speaking Session

Open Source vs SaaS - Making the choice between Flexibility and Simplicity in Ecommerce

SaaS and Open Source ecommerce platforms offer different strategic options to different types of retailers and merchants, but amongst the hype from all sides, how do merchants work out what is best for their businesses? We discuss the differences between Open Source and SaaS platforms, and the benefits and obstacles that these represent for merchants. We will also introduce a scorecard methodology that allows retailers to assess what is important to them, and understand how the various ecommerce platforms compare.

Stage: Omnichannel Theatre

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

03:30 p.m.

Justin Biddle
Justin Biddle

UK Strategy & Business Development