Hello Shopware Germany
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Main Nizza

Untermainkai 17


About the event

Visit Hello Shopware Germany and inform yourself about the extensive possibilities that a migration to Shopware 6 and its vast ecosystem has in store for you. Which trends and exciting developments can you expect in the future? Speakers from leading brands will guide you through practical cases...


Exchange ideas and inspire each other

Experience ShopwarePeople are the most important aspect of Shopware. We celebrate a culture of openness, which can be seen in every facet of our business. In this way, our software reflects an open commerce philosophy and represents the close exchange we share with our community. That's why we appreciate every opportunity to meet people and exchange ideas about the future of ecommerce.Meet us and unlock your potentialThanks to the API-first approach, Shopware provides you with the necessary flexibility and technological basis to succeed in ecommerce, now and in the future. Enjoy the freedom to adjust your business to your needs whenever you want. B2C, D2C, B2B: When it comes to your idea, the sky’s the limit.At the event, we will show you Shopware in all its beauty and answer your individual questions.

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