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ALLstoreWe turn website visitors into customers. How does ALLstore increase your Conversion Rate?             

We at ALLstore develop software solutions that enable customer acquisitions and build brand loyalty within your online store. These solutions not only improve the shopping experience for all of your customers, but also induce emotional relationships between shoppers and your brand. To achieve these goals, we pursue a different approach by rewarding people for actively shopping online, therefore, increasing the probability of a purchase, step by step.

How does ALLstore work?

As soon as someone visits your online store, this person earns points for actively browsing through the shop. Meanwhile, our software ensures that the visitor is indeed active and looking through products (mouse movement, clicks, scrolling, etc.). The earned points can then immediately be used to unlock special discounts & rewards.        
For this purpose, the points balance as well as previously set rewards and discounts from the shop owner, are being displayed in a small widget at the edge of the screen. After having unlocked a reward, the underlaying code to redeem it can immediately be found there as well.
Additionally, on-site notifications can be set, which link products, special offers, blog posts, social -media pages or anything else you want to steer your visitor’s attention towards. Even rewards within the system can be highlighted.


You are curious about this exciting approach? Check out a demo version on our website and try it for yourself:                    

How is ALLstore implemented?

The implementation is very simple. You download the plug-in from the Shopware-Appstore and contact us. Thereafter, we will set up your administrator account and you can test the solution 14 days for free. Within this period, we will support you whenever necessary and show you all features and advantages of our software. If you are happy with the results, we are looking forward to a long-term successful business relationship!


Download the plug-in here:


In case you would like to see a live-demo from one of our motivated team members, contact us and we will connect with you ASAP: