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brickfox Multichannel


Multichannel Plugin | Integration of Amazon, eBay, Otto Market & Co.
The Multichannel plugin of brickfox allows you to connect your shopwareshop to numerous marketplaces and exclusive sales platforms. You can sell your assortment easily and clearly on international Amazon & eBay Marketplaces, Otto Market, Bol, Cdiscount, fnac, and many more sales channels. A complete overview of all brickfox interfaces can be found on

The most important multichannel ecommerce features for your shopware shop:
  •  Automated interfaces to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Otto Market, Bol, Cdiscount, etc.
  • Optional: complete PIM for online merchants. Import & export of existing product data from third party systems.
  •  Transfer of existing accounts and listings on Amazon and eBay
  •  Maintenance of individual texts and prices for each marketplace
  •  Import and export of orders, order status, stocks and availabilities
  •  Virtual inventory management and inventory splitting to avoid short sales in the sales channels
  •  Support of category and attribute mapping in the respective sales channel
  •  Amazon Marketplace: Manual control of existing Amazon articles using ASIN or MultiASIN
  •  eBay interface: Immediate purchase and price suggestions are supported. In addition, it is possible to
    use dynamic shop templates and provide it with the necessary information.
  •  Repricing: Connection of repricing providers for price automation
  •  Convenient product data maintenance with its own user administration and setup of a workflow system
  •  process according to your needs
  •  Complex mapping of attributes, variants and bundles for optimal presentation of your assortment
  •  Connection to merchandise management via XML, CSV or API interface

You need to know that:brickfox provides you with a module that you can install using the Shopware Plugin Manager. If necessary this module has to be adapted by your shop service provider. To activate the plugin you need access to an active brickfox client in form of a free demo client (for test purposes) or the live system witch costs.
You have the possibility to get to know the functionality and the handling of the brickfox software in a free WEBINAR. Furthermore you can test brickfox in a 30 DAYS DEMO free of charge and without obligation. For Webinar & Demo simply register via the brickfox website


Please note: brickfox users who want to update their PLUGINS should contact brickfox support in advance to avoid technical problems.