eEvolution-Shopware Integration



eEvolution-Shopware Integration


We have been a Shopware Solution and Technology Partner for a long time. This gratifying cooperation is due to our interface to the eEvolution ERP system ("ESI interface"). And yes, we are very proud to have achieved this goal.

With the eEvolution ERP system, our customers can rely on a software base that can be implemented quickly, easily adapted and operated intuitively as an industry-independent, cost-effective complete solution. And now our interface makes it even easier to connect Shopware with eEvolution - the data exchange is simple, direct and completely secure. No matter if you want to run a B2B, B2C or a mixed shop, all necessary processes are supported. Even customer contact persons, customer-specific price lists or login-controlled price displays are no challenge.

With its Shopware Integration, eEvolution offers all operators of the eCommerce solution Shopware a complete connection of the shop to the enterprise software eEvolution. This ensures a smooth coupling of shop and merchandise management system at all levels. The eEvolution Shopware integration is subject to continuous development.

The advantages speak for themselves: You can rely on a comfortable customer administration without double entry, a classification and feature maintenance at a central point of the article management and the automatic provision of article images in different image sizes. We are equally proud of the efficient and transparent stock and inventory management, the automatic order processing for orders from the shop in eEvolution as well as a lot of other data flows whose contents we automatically transfer through the ESI interface. The administration of the integration takes place with the help of a clear administration interface.

We are not just there for you by technical means

As a Shopware Technology Partner, you can rely not only on our technical know-how, but also on our innovative service as a contact person for your ideas - we help you to implement them in such a way that you are always satisfied with your ERP system with shop connection are.

Technically feasible and even good advice

It does not matter in which direction you would like to expand your system - we are there for you to work with you to develop an individual solution.

You are already using eEvolution and would like to use Shopware to connect a supplementary option for increasing sales to your system?

With their experience, our experts ensure a fast, targeted and efficient connection to your system without affecting the day-to-day processes of everyday business.

Do you already have a shop, but are you also looking for a suitable ERP system?

Let eEvolution convince you - during a free trial you will have the opportunity to get to know our ERP system. The integration of your existing online shop is done by our experts as soon as you have successfully implemented our ERP system.

Further plugins and interfaces for Shopware

Especially where it comes to interface development, you can count on us. Thus, in principle, all interfaces between Shopware and your desired system are conceivable - insofar as the technical requirements are met. As a Shopware-Technology Partner, you can rely on our know-how based on our experience in developing our own ESI and various other interfaces.

In interface development, we work closely with you to work out and implement your wishes and goals. Through regular tracking interviews, you are always aware of the status of the development in the picture. This exchange allows a timely and rapid way to respond to unforeseen complications during development.

So use the flexible extensions between your software and Shopware and optimize your processes. Many extensions can complement each other, but can also be used in a completely self-sufficient way.