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Haufe X360 is the cloud ERP solution for medium-sized businesses. The modular 360° enterprise platform maps all your business scenarios simply and networked in one system and is flexible, scalable and cost-effective.
E-commerce across all channels with Haufe X360Haufe X360's financial, sales, inventory, CRM and procurement systems can be linked with Shopware 5 (connector to Shopware 6). In this way, all data converges in a central database and is available everywhere in real time. The advantage: As a flexible ERP system, Haufe X360 grows with your company, enables unique customer experiences on all channels and offers valuable insights into your company's entire value chain thanks to a wide range of analyses.

The functions at a glance
  • End-to-end visibility: you have insight into the data of your web store, your finance, your warehouse and your inventory at any time.
  • Real-time communication: you ensure that your web store always displays up-to-date inventory and product information. In addition, all customer orders are included in your financial and warehouse management.
  • Bidirectional data transfer: Transfer data bidirectionally between your webshop front-end and Haufe X360 back-office software. Useful detail: When orders come in, your financial data is updated accordingly.
  • Synchronization of product data: Product information is displayed in real time - including title, description, category, price, images and metadata.
  • Online and offline orders: Customers' online orders from your web store and offline orders are automatically merged in Haufe X360. This means your data is always up to date.
  • Discounts and promotions: Discounts and promotions that you offer in your web store are synchronized with the order lines in Haufe X360.

Flexible ERP solution, flexible license price The special advantage of Haufe X360: Thanks to its modular structure, you can put together Haufe X360 according to your needs. This means you can flexibly book the functions you need and only pay for what you need.

Haufe X360: cutting-edge technology & mid-market expertise
Technologically, Haufe X360 is based on the world's fastest growing cloud ERP software from Acumatica, adapted for the German market. Combined with Haufe's long-standing mid-market expertise in the German market, Haufe X360 brings the future to the heart of German businesses.