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The API kit for developers

In many eCommerce projects, interfaces are the greatest cost and complexity factor.

Often there are no ready-made interfaces for the corresponding systems or these are static and not adaptable. At the latest when a customer system includes major individual adjustments, it is often necessary to start from scratch.

But even if existing interfaces can be used, they can often only establish a connection between two systems.

In complex eCommerce projects, however, many systems often have to be connected to one another (PIM, ERP, CRM, tracking, etc.). This leads to many different interfaces and confusing data streams.

This not only drives up project costs and makes projects unnecessarily complex, but also leads to recurring costs for the maintenance of in-house development.

Such projects often fail or quickly become obsolete due to the lack of updates. This can be very dangerous in times of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The advantages of HEPTAconnect

  • Modular: HEPTAconnect can be expanded freely. Many interfaces are already in place.
  • Multidirectional: With routings, HEPTAconnect offers the possibility of n: m relationships.
  • Updates: HEPTAconnect is maintained by us. Updates can be installed with Composer.
  • Open source and AGPL-3.0 license enable independent development and maximum transparency.
  • Standalone: ​​HEPTAconnect can be run on a separate server or directly in Shopware.


PHP 7.4 (PHP 8 ready)

HEPTAconnect can be installed as a Shopware plugin or operated standalone with the Shopware Runtime on a separate server.

In principle, however, HEPTAconnect is a polimorphic system which enables the runtime to be exchanged. https://connect.heptacom.de/#/general-resources/002-package-structure

HEPTAconnect uses a message broker (e.g. Redis, Enqueue, RabbitMQ) for horizontal scaling.

Documentation: https://connect.heptacom.de/

Open Source:

HEPTAconenct is OpenSource and is made available on GitHub under the AGPL-3.0 License.


HEPTAconnet is a HEPTACOM product

HEPTACOM heptacom.de has specialized in the development of complex eCommerce systems with shopware.

As a Microsoft partner, our unit Tweecore tweecore.de is specializes in Dynamics 365 Business Central and provides the HEPTAconnect Business Central AppSource plug-in.