Linnworks’ Order and Inventory Management System helps retailers automate their entire online selling process, providing them with the tools and support to scale their business across multiple marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

With the ability to manage inventory, orders, listings, shipping and more from one centralised location, users can eliminate the occurrence of human error such as overselling, reduce costs and save time, giving them more freedom in both their business and life.

Built with a highly scalable infrastructure, Linnworks has also been designed to support the growth of all businesses, regardless of size, while still enabling users to maintain complete control.

Trusted by over 4,000 online sellers, Linnworks can specifically support:

•    Order management

•    Inventory management

•    Stock control

•    Shipping label assignment and printing

•    Listing creation and revision

•    Purchase order and supplier management

•    Enterprise-class reporting features

•    Bespoke customisation options to meet even the most complex of business needs