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Let your products fund your inventory - your growth!

  • Get £10.000 - £2.000.000  for your e-commerce store
  • Up to 24 months loan term
  • No fixed costs
  • No personal guarantees 
  • Flexible repayment at any time 

Order more and grow faster with asset-based working capital finance

Product Backed Financing to make merchants grow 

MYOS builds the first product-backed Ecommerce financing model globally. 
Our AI-driven scoring leverages the depth and breadth of data that became available with the rise of Ecommerce platforms, allowing us to evaluate credit risk based on the sales potential of trading products. Taking goods as collateral we can serve the long tail of nearly 99% of merchants, who severely struggle to raise working capital facilities from lenders relying on traditional trust-based credit models. 

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