Payment Plug-Ins für paydirekt



Payment Plug-Ins für paydirekt


The paydirekt plug-in makes the paydirekt payment function available in your shop system. paydirekt offers merchants two different booking methods with different characteristics:

In the case of one-time payments (Direct), the payment is already authorized and initiated by the buyer's click on the "Pay Now" button and the merchant immediately receives the guarantee for the payment.

With the method "Pre-order and (partial) payment" (Order + Capture) the buyer's approval is detached from the booking/authorization. The buyer confirms the payment by clicking on the "Pay Now" button. The approval for the future collection of payment is noted in the paydirekt system. At a later point in time (maximum 182 days), the merchant can then (typically before shipping the goods) book the approved amount in full or in any partial amounts (capture).


If at least one payment has been made, it can be easily transferred back to your account for an unlimited period of time.

buyer can be refunded. Amounts of up to 200% of the amount received to date may be refunded.

payment amount can be refunded

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