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Turnkey omnichannel solution for ShopwareThe future of retail is omnichannel.

Even if the term omnichannel is a bit hard to grasp, it is based on a simple concept: all channels become one (omni) and thus enable a seamless and comprehensive shopping experience for your customers. Whether they shop via social media, online shops or directly in the local store. The advantages of all worlds become available everywhere. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Our claim

Retail is changing, especially in times of digital transformation, even faster and more blatantly than even the boldest forecasts would have suggested a few years ago. Our large Retail Reality Study, among others, shows this very clearly. For end customers, the internet and online retailing are becoming increasingly important. Even industries whose brand core is the feeling and experience of products have to live with the new digital trends. For example, 54 percent of the customers we surveyed said they prefer to buy beauty products online - slightly more than stationary shoppers (52 percent).

The answer to these developments can only be omnichannel or unified commerce. And here we stand by our customers. Because: without the right tools, ideas and inspiration, store-based retail is fighting with two hands tied behind its back against the big and bigger fish on the internet. We therefore help retailers to exploit their advantages and master their challenges.