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5 ways to optimise your checkout for increased conversion

5 ways to optimise your checkout for increased conversion

It’s no secret in eCommerce that customers respond to what is easy. After you’ve caught their attention with your product, the next logical step is to make it as easy as possible for them to get it. In this blog article, Shopware Technology Partner Skrill shares 5 tried and trusted tips on how to convert new customers and increase customer retention in your shop’s checkout.

1. Give your customers options

Customers want to see products and services that are familiar to them and a purchasing process that is simple and quick. One crucial point in your online shop that can make or break a sale is the payment process. When you offer straightforward and convenient payment methods, you ensure the products in your shop remain the focus of your customers’ shopping experience. The easier the payment process, the more appealing your online store will be to the customer who values convenience above all else.

How to meet payment expectations

  • Get the basics right. Make sure your checkout is functional, easy to understand and supported by the latest technology. Customers are not tolerant of payment glitches – any hiccups in your online shop will deter the customer from completing a purchase.
  • Ensure your customer can pay on the device of their choice. Be optimised for mobile, desktop and tablet.
  • Be modern and adaptable to meet growing demand.

2. Put your customers in control

To ensure a seamless shopping experience, put yourself in your customer’s shoes when designing the checkout process. Do not force them to create an account. Many people don’t like this - they want to get in, pay quickly and get out. It’s always better to give them the option of creating an account after the payment is complete.

Help them pay on their terms

Customers love what is easy and familiar. They know their online banking and trust its safety. Many are interested in the security and familiarity of their online banking when making payments online. Skrill, a digital payments company, can help merchants tap into this need through their instant bank transfer service. Rapid Transfer allows consumers in Europe to make payments to online merchants directly from their bank account. Instant and convenient, users do not have to leave the merchant website to complete a payment.

3. Protect their privacy

Especially due to GDPR, this has become a key issue in the modern digital economy. Above all, customers need to trust that their personal details are safe. A Skrill digital wallet protects private financial information and allows payments to be made using only an email address and password. Integrate with Skrill and connect with millions of wallet holders around the world who want safe online payments.

4. Avoid long forms by checkout

Checkouts are abandoned all the time when people see long, detailed forms that span more than 2 pages. The length of a checkout form can be cut by as much as half with some simple tricks:

  • Instead of “Name” and “Surname” fields, just go for a single “Full Name” field.
  • Make the shipping and billing address the same by default and hide the “shipping address” fields.

5. Offer a range of payment options

Cards, online banking, cash vouchers and local payment methods - the more the better. You can cover all these at once by opening a Skrill business account. With a simple integration, your checkout could be offering all the above payment options in a matter of hours.

About the author

Skrill is an international online payments business making digital payments simple, secure and quick in 185 countries and 40 currencies. Skrill meets the needs of more than 156,000 businesses worldwide. Merchants using Skrill have the freedom and flexibility to drive business growth and build a global customer base.

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