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Beating the January Retail Blues: 4 Ways To Sell More This Year with Personalization

Beating the January Retail Blues: 4 Ways To Sell More This Year with Personalization

Shopware now offers an integration with Bunting. Next to their website, product and email personalization tools, Bunting’s solutions for shopping cart abandonment are sure to positively influence your conversion. Here Bunting illuminates in which ways personalization can be used to your competitive advantage throughout the year:

It’s January, and we should all be well recovered from the festive break by now. However, many online retailers are still suffering from a “festive hangover”. Big shopping events like Black Friday brought the big crowds, but this can mean a drop in conversions in January with shoppers closing their wallets after last quarter’s spending.

Luckily, the new year brings new opportunities. One way to tackle the challenges of the new year is through personalizing your site and marketing around your unique visitors.

This year, experts predict that more e-commerce merchants than ever before will be using personalization to help turn their visitors into customers. And with retailers on average seeing a 19% increase in conversions with personalization, it’s hardly surprising.

Here are Bunting’s ideas for personalization to help face the challenges of the new year, and make improvements to your bottom line.

1. Use personalized email to bring shoppers back

It’s likely that you gained new customers in the shopping frenzy of the last quarter. Now is a great time to reach out to your past customers through a personalized email campaign.

One way is to fill your campaign with content based on previous browsing and order history, such as embedding relevant product recommendations into your emails. You could also consider sending incentives to return to your store, such as a free gift, personalised discounts, or engaging content relevant to your shoppers purchases. This content could be free product tutorials, or a sneaky peek at new product lines related to customers’ interests.

And as for the ones who left with an item still in their cart, send personalized abandoned cart emails with recommendations based on browsing history.

2. Increase average order value to make up for lost sales

This time of year often means lower conversions, with profits taking a hit. A great way to counter this is to find ways to raise your customers’ average order value.

There are lots of ways to raise order values, and a bit of creativity can go a long way! Options include bundle deals, and offering free delivery or a free gift in return for a minimum spend. With Bunting’s tool, you can trigger a reminder pop-up message when a user has a certain amount in their cart (“spend $10 more for a free gift!”).

You can also use filtered product recommendations to display items which bring the highest return, and use ‘upsell’ recommendations on your product pages. Personalized cross-sell recommendations are great for lifting order values, and can be placed on your cart page, or can appear as a pop-up after a visitor has added an item to their cart.

3. Show recommendations relevant to the season’s themes

We all know the big themes for January: health, fitness, and New Year’s resolutions. If your product inventory includes such products, you can display your site’s most popular products relevant to the seasonal themes. Using crowd data, you can show which products are selling the most, and by doing so, instantly add a touch of social proof. Likewise, this can work well for products related to the Valentine’s Day celebration next month.

Tip: optimize the appearance of product recommendations by A/B testing layout, and number. Consider removing reviews from recommendations if there are no stars. By doing so, you’ll help guide your users to find products they love.

4. Get truly personal, and remove conversion killers

With things being a bit quieter now, it’s a good time to review your website for any conversion killers. Is your site messaging truly personal? You may find there are parts of your site that are damaging orders. Are users arriving on your website seeing information and content that is relevant to their needs?

For example, a German site may have a ‘free delivery to Germany’ notice at the top of the homepage, which is great for German users. But if visitors from outside Germany see this, it may actually damage orders amongst international visitors. These visitors need messaging relevant to their location. Using personalization, you can dynamically change the website messaging to be relevant to your different visitor segments.

And that’s all, folks…

So, while the new year brings its challenges, personalization will help your store convert better, and create happier, more loyal customers. We hope you found some of the ideas in this article helpful. All these tips are easy to implement with Bunting’s plug in for Shopware.

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About the author

This article was put together by the Bunting website personalization team. Bunting is a team of passionate e-commerce experts who love software, data science, and helping their customers raise sales with personalization.

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