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Black Friday - 5 tips for the sale of the year

Black Friday - 5 tips for the sale of the year

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The days are becoming shorter and the temperatures colder - this heralds not only the arrival of winter, but also the so-called ‘peak season’. It won’t be long before the official kick-off to pre-Christmas trading starts again with Black Friday on 27th November.

Many customers use the days around Black Friday and Cyber Monday to benefit from substantial discounts. Customers often like to find information in advance about planned promotions in different online shops. For retailers, this marks the most lucrative time of the year. This blog post therefore gives you 5 valuable tips on the best way to make your Black Friday promotions a real success.  

#Tip 1: Plan your promotion early

Good planning is the name of the game! You should already be thinking about which products from your online shop might be suitable for your Black Friday sale. Would you like to offer reductions on individual products or your entire range? What do you want your discount campaign to actually look like? Here are a few examples of exciting promotions

  • Fixed or percentage discounts on the entire purchase
  • Giving away a free item if the purchase is above a minimum value
  • Your customer receives a discount when purchasing a second item
  • Your customer buys three items for the price of two 

#Tip 2: Prepare your campaigns and advertising materials: Decide on your channels and set a budget for promoting your campaign 

Once you have determined which products are available for the sale, you should start to think about the right advertising. Which marketing channels would you like to use? Is there a budget for paid advertising? We have listed suitable marketing channels below, which you might like to consider for promoting your Black Friday campaign: 

  • Social media: Use your reach on social media channels to make your followers aware of your Black Weekend sale.
  • SEO traffic: It can be worth using organic search a few weeks in advance to make people aware of your campaign. For example, create a specific Black Friday landing page in good time and add the relevant images, texts and keywords so that you will be found in search results. If you have integrated a blog or magazine into your shop you can use it to publish relevant articles.
  • SEA campaigns: Push your campaign with paid advertising! It can be worth allocating a small budget in order to generate more traffic. For example, you could use adverts on Google or paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram and the like. But be careful: adverts can be more expensive for certain keywords and target audiences during promotional periods. 
  • Email marketing: Use email marketing to tell your existing customers about your Black Friday promotions. Prepare relevant campaign newsletters in advance and send your customers teasers about your campaign in good time. 

In addition to the channels and measures listed here, you can also promote your campaign on portals such as www.blackfriday.de (available in German only). As soon as you have decided on your marketing channels, set about preparing the banners and texts you need for these channels. Establish a design for your promotion and consider which banner language and texts will most appeal to your target audience.

#Tip 3: How to avoid abandoned shopping baskets and increase your conversion

Once you have successfully made people aware of your Black Friday promotion, you now need to convert visitors to your shop into customers. To do this successfully you should consider the following points:

  • Mobile shopping: Nowadays there is no getting away from a mobile first strategy! In the pre-Christmas trading period in particular, it makes sense to put your shop to the test and check how well your shop is optimised for shopping on smartphones. You can make adjustments here if necessary. 
  • User experience:  If you want to crank up the conversion rate in your shop for Black Friday, particular attention should be paid to user experience. Make sure your shop customers are aware of discounts by using striking banners, strikethrough pricing, promotional campaigns or a countdown. A specially designed shopping experiences for the Black Friday sale, which is listed in your main navigation, can help here. You will find other general tips on conversion rate optimisation here.
  • Checkout optimisation: You should review your checkout process by the time of the Black Friday sale at the latest in order to avoid abandoned shopping baskets. Does your shop offer the most popular payment and shipping methods? A one-page checkout can also help to complete purchases quicker and more efficiently. 

#Tip 4: Make your customer service a hit! 

Make your Black Friday sale a special experience in terms of service too. For answering questions, live chat or a chatbot can be a smart alternative to telephone and email, for example. Your customers will be given help quickly and easily without them needing to pick up the phone or having to wait for an answer to their email. Make sure that you also expand your staff resources in good time for increased service work. 

#Tip 5: Performance check: Can your shop withstand increased traffic?

There is barely anything more annoying for your customers than long loading times or a shop website that they can’t even access. Many customers research the various discounts available online well in advance of Black Friday in order to obtain the best price. You should therefore definitely count on an increased number of visitors to your shop on Black Friday. If necessary, speak to your hosting partner in good time, in order to step up the performance. 

Armed for peak season with Shopware 6

Shopware 6 provides you with various functions you can use to push the Black Friday promotion in your shop as much as possible. Create an appealing campaign landing page, for example, with the aid of our shopping experiences, for the perfect focus on your products. Or use our Shopware 6 discount model to offer your customers attractive promotions. Moreover, you will find a multitude of plugins which perfectly complement your shop in our Community Store.

We’d like to wish you a very successful Black Friday sale!


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