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Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

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Nowadays, store owner need to stand out from the mass of providers and from the broad range of diverse products on offer by creating an inspiring digital customer experience. Shopping Worlds play a key role here as they provide an emotional sales area. Using two examples, Shopware Technology Partner epoq illustrates which elements are essential here and how the whole thing can be implemented.

1. Shopping Worlds at Springlane through content-driven ecommerce 

In addition to the product range itself, providing relevant content is a major success factor nowadays. Content-driven ecommerce refers to the fusion of content and commerce. Combining these two aspects can create an inspiring digital customer experience. Springlane shows how this can be done and combines both elements in Shopping Worlds, which are called Shopping Experiences from Shopware 6 onwards.

Products Embedded in a Storyline

Springlane’s German-speaking online store uses content in various ways. In addition to a wide range of products, customers can also find recipes, descriptions, images, and videos in the online shop. This inspires them, for example, to make certain ice cream creations, and they receive the corresponding products embedded in the content. In this way Springlane is moving away from pure product sales to an experience sale.

Emphasis on Expertise

By providing this value-added content, shop operators exude a sense of reliability and expertise, ensuring that they are perceived as experts in their respective fields. For example, Springlane provides information on the history and production of ice cream in their “Making your own ice cream” Shopping World and also shows which products can be helpful in each case. The focus is not on product sales but on the storyline. To this end, texts and images are perfectly combined in the Shopping World.


The “Making your own ice cream” Shopping World in the Springlane online store

Interaction Options for Stronger Customer Retention

By using content in their online store, Springlane aims to acquire amateur chefs as customers and above all to turn them into enthusiastic fans who will share and spread the content provided. The inclusion of Instagram posts of prepared meals also encourages users to imitate and share their own creations. This sparks interactions with customers.


Inspiration from the community in the form of social media posts

All in all, you can use Shopping Worlds and Shopping Experiences to create atmospheric pages that combine the target-group-oriented presentation of content with that of products to provide an inspiring digital customer experience.

2. Personalisation of Different Store Pages at Fackelmann

Family business Fackelmann also sells its household products via its own German-speaking online store. To create an inspiring digital customer experience in the store, Fackelmann uses different measures to personalise their sales funnel.

Personalised Product Recommendations Along the Sales Funnel

Fackelmann uses a Recommendation Engine to display product recommendations at various positions within the store. This engine shows product recommendations to the respective customers based on their data. Furthermore, Fackelmann uses different recommendation strategies on different pages. A selection of top-selling products individually tailored to the customer’s interests provide inspiration directly on the home page, for instance. The category pages each recommend four items that customers might be looking for. These suggestions are based on empirical values generated by other similar customers. 


Recommendations on a category page in the Fackelmann online store

One step further, on the product detail pages, customers have already revealed what they’re looking for, so here it makes sense to display alternatives in the form of related products. In addition, complementary products can be used as a basis for cross-selling. The more product detail pages a customer visits, the more precise the recommendations become.

A recommendation highlight can also be found in the shopping cart. Here customers are explicitly informed that they can get free shipping if their order exceeds €39. In addition, they are recommended individually selected articles that bridge the gap to free shipping and that match the rest of the shopping cart and the customer’s preferences.


Relevant product recommendations in the shopping cart

Using Intelligent Search to Support Product Research

If a customer already knows what product they want to buy, they can also make use of the Intelligent Search. This works differently for different customers: The order of the products changes depending on the type, as do the search suggestions, which are based on the personal interest and behaviour of the customer. 

If no suitable product is found for the search query, Fackelmann displays alternative suggestions on the “no results” page to keep customers in the online shop despite their inconclusive search.

All of these personalisation measures that Fackelmann uses create an inspiring detail customer experience.

Conclusion: Inspiring digital customer experience through content, commerce, and personalisation

There are different approaches to inspiring customers. Establishing a connection between content and commerce in Shopping Worlds, creating personalised Shopping Worlds for each individual customer, and personalising various shop pages all ensure an inspiring digital customer experience. This results in customer loyalty by creating special added value for customers through the relevance and topicality of products and content. Shopping Experiences are improved and customer retention increased.

About epoq

epoq internet services GmbH provides its customers with a unique software suite for the complete personalisation of digital commerce. With modular, customised services based on artificial intelligence, epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the entire customer journey.

Online shoppers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when shopping online. After making a purchase, they are provided with relevant shopping news in real time in their personal shopping area, prompting them to visit the online store daily. In addition, the online shoppers are kept up to date with personalised e-mails and thus stay in touch with the online store.

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