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eBay's "product-based shopping experience": Changes affecting all eBay merchants

eBay's "product-based shopping experience": Changes affecting all eBay merchants

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Customers browsing eBay can expect product placement to look a bit different in the near future. That’s because eBay is implementing major changes in order to offer an “improved purchasing experience” or “product-based buying experience” – and with these changes come new requirements for how retailers have to list their offers.

Instead of displaying similar products from several suppliers in the search results, the product will only be displayed once. In addition, the customer receives a summary of which dealers currently offer the product in question. With this significantly improved overview, eBay customers now have a better shopping experience, as they can find, compare and purchase products quickly.


Source: eBay seller center

Changes made with the eBay update

Technically, this brings about considerable changes. eBay must now be able to recognise identical products and list them with only one title and product description. The same goes for product images, which are to be consolidated and shown on one product page. eBay even provides a team to ensure the quality of the product summaries.

Clear product identifiers such as the Global Trade ID Number, EAN code or manufacturer product number can help eBay automatically compile this data. And this is exactly where your part as a eBay dealer comes into play.

What eBay dealers have to pay attention to

If you sell products on eBay, now is the time to take action. When posting your listings, always be sure to link your products with one that is offered in the eBay catalogue, should there be an existing catalogue entry. eBay reserves the right to deactivate products that are not linked with an existing offer. This makes it all the most important that you use a structured data set or make use of the eBay product catalogue.

Support from the magalister plugin

If you use Shopware in combination with the magnalister plugin, the magnalister software does most of the work automatically. The system checks whether unique criteria such as the EAN, brand or item manufacturer number are stored for the affected eBay categories both on eBay and in your online shop. If this is the case, magnalister transmits the data so that your product meets eBay’s new criteria.

For items that cannot be automatically assigned, you can manually make a direct comparison using the “Product Matching” tool and assign the product from your online shop to that of the eBay product catalogue.

In addition, you have full control over what happens after the comparison. The inventory tab shows you the current status, and which shop title was assigned to which eBay title. Using a direct link to the eBay product, you can also quickly see the details.

To the magnalister plugin

First eBay changes already live

eBay has already started: Since April 2018, only a few products have had to be linked accordingly for the USA, UK, Canada and Australia eBay marketplaces. But the process of linking offers with the eBay catalogue will gradually become mandatory in upcoming months.

eBay will start with selected product lines such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick or Google Home (the complete product list can be found here). eBay will inform you in due time when they are to expand which brands and product lines require product linking. As of July 2018, you will also receive information in the Seller Cockpit Pro concerning which of your offers are not yet linked and therefore need to be revised by you.

In magnalister, the assignment works automatically or via the "Product Matching" tool.


If you have any questions about the magnalister plugin or the functionality described in this article, please contact the magnalister team at Tel.: +49 30 - 120 76 741 2 or by email to support@magnalister.de.


About magnalister

magnalister is a close partner of Shopware and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon and works in direct exchange on the constant development of interfaces. With over two billion euros in processed orders and 70 million product uploads, magnalister is one of the most sought-after and professional suppliers on the market.


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