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Ecommerce health check keeps online shops in shape

Ecommerce health check keeps online shops in shape

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Your new shop system is perfectly stable and flawless right after installation or relaunch? That’s great! Nevertheless, as a shop operator you should check your shop regularly. Shopware partner SHOPMACHER will explain to you what you have to consider and how to keep your online shop fit with regular health checks.

Are you familiar with this scenario?

Over time, you individualise your shop, add new functionalities and develop your platform even further. Then, at some point, you start asking yourself questions that concern virtually every shop owner:

  • Will my system architecture, which was so lean initially, gradually give way to system sprawl?
  • Why is the shop’s loading speed decreasing – especially on mobile devices – and what measurable loading speed is still acceptable for my customers?
  • Is the shop still stable and reliable, even under high loads?
  • Did the new additions lead to any security gaps?
  • Why are even the smallest updates so time-consuming?
  • Why are there more and more problems with deployments?
  • Why aren’t the product data consistent?

The list goes on and on.

Identify weaknesses and optimisation potential with pinpoint accuracy

There are many possible causes for the increase in technical issues with online shops. Identifying these precisely and initiating the corresponding optimisations is absolutely critical to keep ahead of the competition. After all, it’s not just a nifty frontend that’s driving the sales but also a constantly stable, high-performance and scalable system architecture. But the “decay” comes creeping and the causes are complex – and therefore often not that obvious. The system is “aging”. 

Those of you, who are responsible with their health, do a health check regularly, regardless of whether there are any acute symptoms. In the same way, wouldn’t it be a good idea to check, every now and then, how well you, as a shop owner, are set for the coming months and years with your current system landscape and, above all, which solutions can help you achieve the greatest progress in the short term? The keyword here is sales! 

With our “health check” available for download you can check your shop regularly:


Optimum results and short-term, reliable optimisation potential can be achieved if you turn to a service provider who has the relevant experience, and has standardised a corresponding test procedure to ensure “system health” of e-commerce platforms. This provides a quick and efficient overview of the overall condition of your e-commerce platform and lets you directly derive specific action points for improvement.


SHOPMACHER is a specialist in building enterprise eCommerce platforms. During the last ten years, the company located in Gescher in the Münsterland region has grown to be one of the top-15 eCommerce companies in Germany. Currently, around 70 employees in Gescher and Ho Chi Minh City are working on the realisation of intelligent eCommerce solutions for medium-sized and large manufacturers and retailers.

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