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Feature focus: Guided Shopping

Feature focus: Guided Shopping

As part of our Feature Focus series, today’s your chance to find out all about the video shopping feature Guided Shopping – the cutting-edge tool for providing personal, interactive advice. This easy-to-use approach saves time for your customers and sales staff alike.

Why was this feature developed?

Shoppers love dropping by their local stores to get advice in person. How can we take this USP of brick-and-mortar retail and transfer it to your online business? The answer: Guided Shopping. This innovative feature from Shopware’s developers lets you create interactive live video events as a B2C merchant – and forge unique connections with your customers within the B2B or D2C space. No matter how you use Guided Shopping, personal advice is always at its heart.

What are the benefits?

Shopware’s Guided Shopping tool can be used in all kinds of powerful ways – you’ll love the impact it has!

  • Integrate the service seamlessly into your online store

  • Broadcast customer-focused, interactive live video events around the globe

  • Provide personal consultations for VIP customers

  • Host exclusive events for selected customers

  • Help save time for your customers and sales staff alike

  • Generate a sustainable brand experience for your customers

  • Use integrated analysis tools to offer relevant products

  • Run promotions that create crucial incentives to buy

  • Target your advice more precisely, minimizing cancellations and returns

All of the above will enhance your business’s efficiency – but that’s not the only perk of using Guided Shopping. It’s also a great way to get social media influencers on board: Invite them to organize an interactive live-shopping event directly on your ecommerce page, for instance.

Guided Shopping storefront

In the image above, you can see what the Guided Shopping storefront looks like for you as a merchant when you host a shopping event.

How to use the feature

Digital consultations based on Guided Shopping can take different forms depending on what your customers want.

Interactive live events:

An interactive, guided live event is a great choice for an exclusive 1:1 consultation or for providing advice to a selected group of customers. At the event, you showcase products relevant to the target group at hand, supported by the integrated analysis tool, which helps ensure the products you’re picking are a perfect match. This format is also ideal for items that need a little explanation. By interacting directly with your customers, you can answer their questions as they arise and boost their motivation to make a purchase with tempting promotions. They enjoy a personal, strengthened customer experience – which, in turn, reinforces their brand loyalty.

Individual presentations:

Guided Shopping isn’t just about hosting live events. You can also use it to create personalized presentations for your customers, which they can access via a link whenever they like, clicking through your pre-prepared product presentation step by step. If they like a product, they can add it to their favorites or shopping cart there and then.

Guided Shopping administration

Arrange your presentation and create an appointment for your live shopping event directly in the Shopware administration.

Technical requirements for Guided Shopping

As a user of the self-hosted version of Shopware Beyond, Guided Shopping is ready and waiting for you to use. We’ll also be expanding Guided Shopping to cover additional Shopware plans. If you’d like to use this new feature, you’ll need a daily.co account (API key) and an active Mercure service; your developer/administrator will set up both of these services for you using our developer documentation. Find out more about configuring Guided Shopping in our Shopware documentation.

What other highlights are we working on?

While you’re busy reaping the rewards of Guided Shopping, we’re working hard to make this feature even more exciting. In the future, you’ll have in-presentation tracking options at your fingertips to open up even more scope for marketing automation. And that’s not all: Automated customer invites and an expanded user experience are also on our roadmap.

Learn even more about Guided Shopping and get started

Get started today and boost customer loyalty by personalizing your shopping experience to the max. We’d be more than happy to provide you with a personal product demo on request.

You can find further information about Guided Shopping here


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