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Four questions for: Michael Ashworth from supercharged commerce

Four questions for: Michael Ashworth from supercharged commerce


MichaelAshworthToday we're getting to know Michael Ashworth – Sales Director at supercharged commerce, a Shopware Solution Partner, based in UK.

Supercharged formed in 2019 from the best commerce minds at the full-service digital agency, CTI Digital, and hosting and support solutions provider, Nublue. By combining more than 16 years’ experience and 150 experts we’re able to deliver full-throttle commerce that is simple, convenient, and affordable for growing businesses.


1. Though just founded, supercharged commerce is not really new to the industry. Could you please tell us a bit about your company history?

You’re right there. We’re anything but newbies! The team behind supercharged, myself included, are originally from CTI Digital and Nublue, both of which were formed back in 2003. Nublue joined CTI Digital in 2018 to create the CTI Group.

Our commerce teams hugely benefited from each other, but they were limited by the success of the CMS, hosting and marketing teams of CTI and Nublue. So, never to be outperformed, even by our own company, we identified the technology, process and people which made the commerce team so successful and transitioned them into the newly formed ‘supercharged commerce’.

Independently operated, but intrinsically linked to the group, we’re able to rely on 150 experts across Europe and we celebrate one of the largest ecommerce teams in the UK.

It’s been somewhat of a cultural re-set, and you can see the positive impact on both our teams and our clients.

So far we’ve seen sustainable growth, and I'm confident our future is set to reflect our heritage of continually evolving for the better.


2. According to your website, it’s your belief outstanding shopping experiences shouldn’t be reserved for large corporates. What does an outstanding shopping experience mean to you?

Outstanding shopping experiences look different for each organisation, but I can break it down into 3 key areas:

Firstly, an outstanding experience should have a considered design. It should reflect the essence of the brand, but with a serious focus on maximising conversions, increasing average order values and improving customer retention. Flare is one thing, but function is what helps businesses grow.

Secondly, experience is elevated by the integrations and automations available to both the customer and the retailer. We introduce integrations that reduce the administration time for commerce merchants and facilitate a smooth customer service, making for a faster and more efficient process for the marketers and merchandisers who in turn, give the customers a great experience.

Finally, an outstanding shopping experience requires a seamless blend of product and content. The listings and site should communicate the brand values, Unique Selling Point, and responsibly guide customers in their purchase decisions.

Large corporations have vast resources, but SMEs and fast-growing businesses have something more important, vision. That’s why we use our experience to make these features more accessible to businesses that want to push the status quo.


3. You are experienced with various ecommerce systems. What advantages do you see with Shopware?

Shopware’s CMS capabilities are ideal for the blending of product and content I mentioned previously, and Shopware is fast to load, making it great for mobile browsing and quick purchases. The marketplace also has a good range of extensions which makes development faster and more efficient.

The overall usability of Shopware is also a huge plus. The admin panel is user friendly and the front-end has easy to customise templates, giving us more time to focus on the features that give a competitive advantage to our retailers.

Our strategy and support experts like Shopware as they are able to choose between the On-premise and a SaaS model. This flexibility reflects our tech agnostic ethos in building features around the client, not the tech, which is a problem a lot of new clients come to us with.

Finally, and I’m not just saying this because you’re interviewing me, but the Shopware support team is brilliant. Quick to respond and super knowledgeable, it’s always a great experience when we contact them directly.


4. Your first Shopware project is about to go live: wineandsomething. Can you tell us about your personal learnings with Shopware 6?  

After much anticipated preparation and certification work, I was pleased to get the team working on a Shopware project for such an exciting client.

While we were already confident with the platform, after delivering our first project I’ve learnt a lot about the Shopware store management flow, especially the customer, content and order management features. There is a lot of potential there that retailers can’t afford to overlook.

The development team also seemed to really like building with it. They found it to be just as flexible as Magento but a lot more forgiving!

I found the CMS fairly intuitive and the designs available were modern and well thought through. In the future it would be great to see more layouts and frontend styling options as default in there.


About supercharged commerce

We accelerate the growth of ambitious retailers.

Our designers, developers and disrupters 'Create' new commerce experiences, 'Run' your technical infrastructure, and 'Grow' you market position.

In 2021, customers will be buying from organisations that predict their needs. We combine user experience, data-led marketing, and best-in-class tech to develop these standout experiences and return an ROI by turning customers into advocates.

Ambitious businesses like yours need comprehensive, global-ready solutions. That's why our developers are certified Magento, BigCommerce, Shopware, and Shopify experts. We're also innovators in the PWA and headless world because normal is never good enough.

Formed in 2020 out of frustration for cut and paste commerce, we're here to give ambitious retailers an unfair advantage.

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