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Free Shopware 5 brochure download

Free Shopware 5 brochure download

Your online shop should be a complete representation of your unique business—the qualities that separate you from the competition. Your online shop should create memorable shopping experiences that convert visitors into return customers. Needless to say, your online shop software should have the features you need to realize your business potential.

Our latest software generation, Shopware 5, is perhaps the most progressive option available on the market. Following the motto “Emotional Shopping on any Device”, the system introduces completely novel features that translate the emotional component of shopping to an online scenario.  

Download our free brochure for a closer impression of the new front and backend features available and ready to take your shop to the next level.

Download Shopware 5 brochure

Shopware 5 brochure: English

Shopware 5 brochure: Dutch

Shopware 5 brochure: German

For our technically minded audience, we put together an overview of the updates and improvements “beneath the hood” plus information about the responsive template that comes standard with the software. 

Download Shopware 5 functional overview

Shopware 5 functional overview: English

Shopware 5 functional overview: German



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