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G2 Fall Reports 2022: Shopware is delighted with numerous awards

G2 Fall Reports 2022: Shopware is delighted with numerous awards

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__Shopware has been recognized again by G2! Back in the spring of 2022, we were recognized as a significant software solution by the G2 review platform in the categories of ecommerce platforms and multichannel retail. In the summer of 2022, we were pleased to receive additional G2 awards in several categories, including an award for Shopware's outstanding usability in the Multichannel Retail category and the Users-Love-Us badge. But that shouldn't be the end of the story... __ 

Thanks to the consistently varied and valuable feedback of our unique community, we are delighted to announce that Shopware will once again be honored by the renowned evaluation platform in the fall of 2022. For the first time, Shopware has been recognized by G2 as a Leader in the category of ecommerce platforms, which highlights our continuous development as well as the rapidly advancing product maturity of Shopware 6. This makes us particularly proud and we are even more pleased about the many recognitions! 

In this blog post, you can find out more about the G2, how the review portal works, and what awards Shopware was recognized for in fall 2022. 

What exactly is G2? 


G2 is one of the leading__ B2B peer review platforms__ with more than 1.7 million reviews from real users, supporting companies to choose the right software and service for their business. Based on their experience with a software solution, verified users leave impartial reviews and point out advantages and disadvantages compared to other providers. 

Software users can rate elements such as the software's application capabilities, its ease of use, its support, how long it takes to implement, and how likely they are to recommend it to others - all of which can be shared on G2. From functionality to price comparisons, G2 serves as an important resource that numerous companies rely on when looking for authentic feedback and objective testimonials from real customers while selecting software.

The US company G2.com is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the positive reviews of our community, Shopware performs excellently in the G2 star rating with 4.4 out of 5 possible stars. In addition, 91 % of the reviewers are convinced that Shopware is developing perfectly as an ecommerce solution. 88 % of the reviewers indicate that they would like to recommend Shopware to others. And that's by far not everything!

Shopware sets standards and receives awards in several categories

As an open commerce platform, we want to revolutionize digital commerce and support our merchants on their growth path in the best way possible. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for us to receive several awards from G2 in the third quarter of 2022 as a result of the positive customer reviews of our users. Many thanks for this!

Leader in the ecommerce platforms category for the first time  


Having already been recognized as a High Performer in the__ ecommerce platform category __last spring and summer 2022, we have now been honored as a Leader for the first time in fall 2022. This fulfills us with special pride!  

To be considered in the ecommerce platforms category, the software needs to support companies operating their ecommerce business on a single, standardized platform. The award is ultimately given to companies with a high market presence and high customer satisfaction scores.  

We are very happy about the recognition. The advancement from High Performer to Leader highlights Shopware's growing market presence as well as high customer satisfaction scores. In addition, the Leader award shows that we have taken another significant step in the right direction, especially in relation to our goal of pursuing our vision. From our point of view, the new placement in the Leader quadrant demonstrates that steady growth and continuous performance go hand in hand with consistent recognition. Therefore, we are extremely positive about the future and are working at full throttle on the further development of our product.


The fact that continuous performance results in steady growth are also emphasized by the award we received at the European level. In the G2 Europe Report, we were ranked as a leader in the ecommerce platform category in the fall of 2022. This means that we stand out across Europe thanks to our high market presence and particularly high customer satisfaction scores. We are very pleased about the growing support at the European level and are proud to have been awarded this new outstanding position on the Europe Grid® for ecommerce platforms. What the G2 Grid® is all about, we will tell you soon.

High Performer in the G2 Mid-Market Report 


Not only on a European level do we appreciate the new award from G2 - thanks to high customer satisfaction scores in the midmarket, but we were also once again able to earn recognition in the G2 Mid-Market Report in the fall of 2022.

We are proud that Shopware is a key ecommerce solution for mid-market companies and are delighted to gain the award as a high performer based on high customer satisfaction scores.

An award from our community - for our community    

In addition to the three awards in the ecommerce platforms category, Shopware also gained valuable badges in other categories.


For example, the users-love-us badge! It shows how much power and love our unique Shopware community has and is therefore especially close to our hearts. Only providers that have received over 20 reviews on the G2 rating platform and have a G2 star rating of at least 4 out of 5 possible stars are nominated for the users-love-us badge.

Since Shopware has 54 reviews on G2 with an average of 4.4 out of 5 possible stars, we can proudly announce: Our users love us!

We would like to dedicate our award to our unique community. We love you, too!

Leader in the multichannel retail category


In both the Spring and Summer of 2022, Shopware was already able to convince as ecommerce software in the Multichannel Retail category and was awarded as a Leader. Thanks to our continuous performance, a high market presence, and excellent customer satisfaction scores, Shopware now also stands out decisively from other providers in this area in the G2 Fall Report 2022. The distinction as__ a leader __not only confirms that Shopware is one of the leading multichannel commerce solutions but also shows that we are an important player for global users in the ever-evolving world of digital commerce.  

But why is a good multichannel commerce software crucial? 

Nowadays, many retailers use different sales channels to reach their customers. If these are managed separately, there is a high probability that customers will get lost or have an unsatisfactory shopping experience when switching between channels.

A__ multichannel commerce software__ with a high degree of automation in product line control is therefore of fundamental importance to achieve sustainable and structured growth as a merchant. It ensures the synchronization of all product data within an ecommerce business in a central data repository.

Shopware is not only a multichannel commerce software, as a holistic solution for omnichannel commerce, it also offers much more. Besides offering customers a smooth and consistent shopping experience across all sales channels, our software also simplifies the day-to-day operations of an ecommerce business by providing a 360-degree view across all processes, inventory levels, and orders. With our software, we offer merchants the ideal basis to successfully handle and grow on different sales channels.

Side note: Which methods does G2 use to rank software solutions in the Grid®? 

With the aim of making B2B procurement transparent, G2 lists, structures and rates software and providers based on different guidelines, methods, and data. Product reviews by users and aggregated information from online sources and social networks are all considered. G2 applies a specific algorithm to this data to determine values for customer satisfaction and market presence, which form the two axes of a respective G2 Grid® in a software category. 


The G2 Grid® ranks software providers in these four quadrants: Contenders, Leaders, Niche & High Performers.

Customer satisfaction

The satisfaction score is influenced by the following factors:

  • Customer satisfaction with specific product features
  • Popularity and statistical significance based on the number of reviews received
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of the reviews received
  • Age and topicality of the reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Market presence

The figure for market presence is derived from a combination of 15 metrics. Thereby, G2 reviews, publicly available information and external sources are considered and measured using the following criteria:

  • Number of employees
  • Number and topicality of the reviews
  • Web presence
  • Social media presence
  • Growth (including personnel growth and growth of the web presence)
  • Age of the provider
  • Employee satisfaction and commitment

The awards are given quarterly according to the software’s ranking within the four quadrants of the G2 Grid®.  

And how do companies benefit from the G2 Grid®? 

In the ever-growing technology sector, companies have an overwhelming number of software products to choose from. So, the question arises: How do I choose the right solution? The G2 Grid® provides help in the form of an overview and can be used by companies for product comparisons and analyzing market trends to quickly choose the best software for their business.

Sneak peek: This is what Shopware users are saying on G2

Convince yourself and find out what others are saying about Shopware. You'll find objective and authentic__ reviews of Shopware__ on G2.

Umar Z.
Web developer
Small Business
(50 or fewer emp.)                                      
"The best part of Shopware is that they have a great and helpful team. The system is maintained quite often and efficiently. There is a lot of helpful documentation to achieve what you need, and many plugins are already available for that."

Administrator in  Retail
(51-1000 emp.)                                      
"The creation of product streams and dynamic product streams is an innovation that I have not yet come across in other ecommerce platforms. This makes Shopware, for me, stand out and a pleasure to work with."

Bernat P.
FullStack Developer
(50 or fewer emp.)                          
"The best about Shopware is by far all the functionalities that it has. But if I had to choose the best of all, it is by far the Rule Builder, which is extremely useful for precise targeting." 

Lucas F.
Head of Partnerships
(50 or fewer emp.)                                    
"Shopware is a complex platform that is easy to use. It provides you with a strong base for your eCommerce store, with tons of  plugins and customization opportunities to create the webshop of your needs." 

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