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Holiday shoping craze: 5 tips to end Q4 on a high note

Holiday shoping craze: 5 tips to end Q4 on a high note

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Halloween has barely come and gone, and already the next American event to influence European retail is on the horizon: the infamous day after Thanksgiving sale, where retailers go above and beyond to outshine one another with discounts, special offers and gifts. Realising the commercial potential of the sale, retailers typically extend the event to include the following Monday, endearingly called Cyber Monday.

This popularity of this event has increased so much that it has become one of the most profitable sales periods for retailers. In short: it is definitely worth your while to jump on the “Black Weekend Train”. To make this sales period a success – and effectively give your end-of-year sales a significant boost – there are some things you must first take into consideration.

1. Optimise your site’s performance

Customers are actively searching for deals on the day after Thanksgiving. Nothing is worse than your site being stocked with premium deals only for the page to crash from the traffic. To prepare for a high number of visitors, test in advance how resilient your shop is by performing load tests. Remember that a slow site will drastically impact load times, order notifications, inventory updates and, ultimately, shopping cart abandonment.

Rely on the experience of certified hosting partners for anticipated peak traffic loads. With their analysis and help, they can strengthen your shop’s server capacity to ensure your sales period runs smoothly.

2. Planning the campaign

Plan well in advance which products should be offered at a discount. Consider whether to create an individual shop category so that customers can quickly get an overview of all discounted products in your shop. When it comes to creating pressure to make a purchase, you might want to use a tool like Live Shopping, which acts as a live countdown in your shop, encouraging your customers to make more spontaneous purchasing decisions.

3. Design of the shop

As mentioned, it’s never a bad idea to create a highlight category so that your customers can quickly access an overview of your promotions. At the same time, you can make use of Shopping Worlds in order to frame your deals around relevant content in the shape of banners or videos.

Since a majority of shoppers use the Black Weekend Sale as an opportunity to complete their holiday shopping, you should take tips from traditional retail, where stores are decorated with the festive spirit to get their customers in a holiday shopping mood. Stay steps ahead of the game by turning to the help of our certified partners, who have the experience to professionally bring your feature wishes to life.

4. Individualisation

The do-it-yourself trend is growing ever more popular and personalised gifts are on the rise. Create extra value and make it possible for your customers to individualise gifts for their loved ones. Use the Custom Products plugin so that your customer’s products can be adjusted to their wishes.

5. Advertising

All the preparation and beautifully decorated shops mean very little if they aren’t visited by deal-inspired shoppers. Give yourself plenty of time in advance to draw attention to your campaign. Plan to announce your campaign in your newsletter and on social media channels, and make the most of your digital real estate by using banners that draw attention to the campaign.

It’s also recommended that you build up some excitement in advance. You could create a countdown on your homepage that notifies your customers – down to the minute – when the sale is about to start.


When all is said and done, everyone benefits from your thorough preparation: you have can be happy about your numerous customers and, on the other end, holiday shoppers get to enjoy great discounts in your online shop. Have fun preparing for this season!


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