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How to create successful campaigns for Black Friday


Originating in the United States, "Black Friday" has recently taken root in Europe as well, turning the period until the following Cyber Monday into a shopping event for many consumers. A paradise not only for bargain hunters, but also for all participating online retailers – so don't miss out on this profitable opportunity! Everything you need to know to carry out a successful campaign is explained in this article.


When is Black Friday 2018?

This year's campaign will take place between 23 November 2018 (Black Friday) and 26 November 2018 (Cyber Monday).

Encourage your customers' curiosity

With the flood of special offers in the Black Friday weekend, standing out from the competition can be a challenge. This means it's all the more important that you make your customers aware of the exciting deals awaiting them in your shop before the start of the campaign. This information can be provided via newsletters, your social media channels, or with a countdown, to name just a few examples. It's important not to release this information too much advance, or you risk disappearing under the multitude of offers. We recommend that you get started around three days beforehand, to be sure your customers don't forget about your special offer.


Create a great user experience – including on mobile

In your online shop, point out your deals with eye-catching banners. Properly placed banners – on the homepage itself, category and product pages, or in the shopping cart – can be very effective. Make sure that the display of your banners and text is also optimised for mobile devices. Of course, they should also fit in with your corporate design. By the way, our Digital Publishing tool provides valuable support when it comes to creating individual banners from your Shopware backend. From the Professional Edition onwards, this tool is included free of charge.


Link online and offline channels

If you operate a physical retail outlet next to your online shop, you be sure to link these channels. For example, it makes sense to offer deals where your customers can also redeem online coupons in every retail location.


Convince customers with targeted emails

If you have analysed the buying behaviour of your customers in the past, you can put this knowledge to good use in your email marketing. Design your campaign with customised product recommendations. When your email marketing speaks to your customers' interests, you'll see higher click rates.

A reminder email shortly before the campaign ends will further increase the sense of urgency. The Smart Newsletter plugin is your perfect companion for creating tailor-made newsletters.


Plan your campaign early

Start thinking now about which campaign you will use to appeal to your customers. You can look to classic sales campaigns for inspiration, which include:

  • Absolute or percentage discounts for the entire purchase
  • Above a minimum purchase value, an item is given away for free
  • When buying a second item, a % discount is offered on top of the order
  • Buy three items and only pay for two

Use the Advanced Promotion Suite from Shopware to map all successful promotions – this makes planning in advance easy.

Check which campaigns make the most sense for your shop. With the combination of the Advanced Promotion Suite and Product Streams, you can draw attention to select items, such as a specific brand. Obviously your stock should also match the campaign. It's important to make sure that your campaign is always easy to understand and not too complicated. Asterisks and restrictions will scare away potential customers.


Live Shopping boosts impulse purchases

But even time-limited offers or tips such as "Only x products left" are perfect for this campaign. They boost impulse buying – after all, no one wants to miss a good deal. The Live Shopping plugin allows you to reproduce these offers, as well as highlight items that are getting cheaper by the minute – perfect incentives for bargain hunters!