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How to prepare for a successful holiday season

How to prepare for a successful holiday season

The holiday season – the most revenue-rich and profitable period for online retailers – will soon be upon us. As a shop owner, your best bet in making the most of this season is to carefully prepare your shop from top to bottom, inside and out, leaving no potential corner for turnover uncovered. The following article provides you tips so that you and your online shop can rake in extra holiday turnover.

1. Christmas online shop

Get a head start on the competition and deck your online shop with a holiday look. A nicely decorated online shop with clear holiday assortment helps your customers find their way around your website without losing the holiday spirit. Let it snow in your shop. With a simple plugin, you can give your shop a wonderfully wintry Christmas touch.

Create a unique shopping experience through means of an advent calendar where you present a new special offer every day. If you would like to let your customers unpack the first presents in the online shop itself, you can use the "Special Christmas Advertisement" plugin and have selected products gift-wrapped and brought to life in various positions in your shop.

2. Fast product search

When all is said and done, the holidays are one of the nicest times of the year – but this often comes at a stressful price. Searching for the right gift can turn you into a nervous wreck. So that your shop visitors don't have to spend ages searching, we recommend using the "Smart Search" plugin. This extension helps your visitors quickly search your shop and connect with the exact product they’re looking for. No more dissatisfied shop visitors leaving your shop without finding the perfect gift for their loves ones.

3. Attractive holiday offers

It’s often that case that shop owners haven’t quite made up their minds about the perfect gift to give. Save your customers from having to search for suitable products by offering gift packages. The "Bundles" plugin allows you to combine popular products together into gift packages that your customers will be unable to resist. You can also use the Bundles plugin to give your customers discounts.

Another opportunity to increase sales in your online shop is provided by the "Live Shopping" plugin. This creates a kind of auction platform where you can offer your products at prices that rise or fall, minute by minute, over a particular period. As soon as your customers see a countdown, they will no longer be able to resist and your sales will increase.

4. Individual products

People would like to give those they love a special treat during the holidays, and what could be nicer than a tailor-made gift? Whether it's an engraved clock or a unique notebook bag, customising items in your shop is made possible with the "Custom Products" plugin. Following a step-by-step process, your customers can create unique items that represent special value.

5. Optimal preparation

The holiday season officially begins on the first day of Advent, but kicks off well beforehand. To ensure you’re able to cope with the sudden demand on your store, in the early stages of planning be sure that your shop is stocked with products that are in high demand. But how do you determine what will be popular with your customers? It’s important to analyse previous holiday shopping behaviour. Google Analytics can be relied upon to determine which holiday trends worked well in the past.

6. Individual targeted appeal

Direct customer contact helps you make your offers stand out from the masses. Newsletters are the perfect tool for recommending product offers and increasing individual targeted appeal in the process. With the "Smart Newsletter" plugin, you can provide your customers with tailor-made newsletters. Personalised newsletters with discount coupons relating to the customer's preferences set you apart from your competitors and help you to reach more turnover.


As you can tell, even minor changes in your online shop can have major effects on sales figures. But adjustments will not only help you to profit from people's increased willingness to buy, but also to leave a lasting impression on your customers that will provide you with benefits long after the Christmas period is over.



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