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Important SEO themes to pay attention to in 2017

Important SEO themes to pay attention to in 2017

We recently launched a special category in the Shopware Community Store that highlights the best SEO tools available for your Shopware shop. Now next to our comprehensive SEO Guide, we want to provide you with 5 SEO quick wins from Kamillo Kluth, CEO of ABAKUS and expert concerning website target-group orientation and link building. Here he joins us to share his personal assessment of the SEO trends you should be paying attention to in 2017.

1. Treat category pages like homepages

Every category page can be seen as a small homepage. Clearly state your USPs in a visible area, use short, informative text and a striking image. The category pages must be linked well internally. You should also design the URLs so that they can be forwarded to mobile.

2. Out-of-stock products should remain in the shop

If a sold-out product in your shop has the chance of being returned, you should keep the product online. Your customers should be able to pre-order a product in advance. Should the product no longer be available and you won’t provide a substitute, your best option is to create a 301 reroute.

3. Combine all product variants on one page

Google and usability experts recommend presenting product variants, such as colour and size, on a single page. Google wants to save crawling resources. Your customers will enjoy even better usability through improved navigation.

4. Take advantage of user-generated content

Your online shop comes alive with content. Include the answers for customer inquiries you’ve already received for your products/online shop directly in the FAQ section of your website. Your online shop will thrive through a continuous growth of content, allowing you to simultaneously save from support resources.

5. Monitor broken links

Regularly check whether links from external websites generate 404 errors for your shop domain. On one hand, links are an important ranking signal for Google; on the other, these natural links are an important source of traffic for your online shop. Maintain these sources, because nobody benefits from unreliable web pages.

The 2017 SEO trends

As a shop owner, it’s extremely important you stay alert to new trends and market requirements. Especially in the area of SEO, there are always new developments to pay attention to. For me personally, the following three topics are especially relevant from an SEO perspective:

  • Mobile first index – the mobile performance of your website is incredibly important!
  • Optimise for voice search – voice-controlled search is absolutely on the rise
  • Vertical search engines – platforms like YouTube and Amazon are strong portals for increasing sales

Last year these themes already played an important role in terms SEO ranking and will, in my opinion, be more of a deciding factor for maintaining relevance in the year to come.


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