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Italian translation and new internal structures - November on Crowdin


Breaking news: translating Shopware’s project on Crowdin just got a whole lot easier. We did a bit of house cleaning and separated our Premium Plugin snippets from our core snippets. This not only simplifies the process of translating, but creates a better bond between the translated core and respective Premium Plugins.

How does this look in Crowdin? 1) click on your language; 2) marvel at the newly organized directories. Notice how the weight of the “core” folder has been more evenly distributed using additional folders, each of which represent a different Shopware plugin.


A major added benefit is that when any Premium Plugin is downloaded in combination with a language plugin from Crowdin, the plugin automatically adopts the appropriate language. You can see this as unlocking the next level in a videogame: first download the free Spanish plugin, then download the Bundles Premium Plugin – wham! Spanish is unlocked for the Bundles plugin. Level up! You just earned 100 extra Shopware lives.

While on the topic of folder reorganization, we’d also like to draw your attention toward a special folder called Frontend. No surprise here: this is where you’ll find all of the snippets for Shopware’s frontend. The special advantage being that by merely translating the Frontend folder, your Shopware shop becomes available for everyone who speaks that language.

Let’s look at the Russian project as an example. If you open the Core folder, followed by Frontend, you will see this is currently 0% translated. If this one folder were to reach 100% translation, Shopware’s frontend would be entirely in Russian, which means any online shop who uses the Russian translation can reach a new audience of roughly 150-180 million people (according to the Internet, and the Internet never lies).


Along with the handsome strides in our snippet management, we also made progress with our beloved translations. Without a doubt, the Gold Medal for November goes to the Italian translation, which we are delighted to announce is officially 100% complete.

You can download the free Italian plugin right now from our Community Store. After installation, your backend and frontend will be in Italian, translated and tested by our native Italian Crowdin contributors themselves.

We caught up with the #1 contributor for the Italian translation, Nicola Floris (aka thesplitter), to learn more about his experience with the platform. Nicola has been working on a separate eCommerce project while translating snippets in Shopware. Of Shopware itself, Nicola said, “I’ve used Shopware since this summer. I like it for its ease of use and stability. As in every software there is always space for improvement, but in my experience I can say it’s even great for managing a shop with an inventory of 10k items.

Nicola and his team are building an online shop that can reach customers across Europe. To localize his shop, he downloaded the free French and Spanish plugins from the Community Store, which were created using Crowdin. For the Italian localization he purchased a translation plugin, but as a native Italian, he found the translations less than satisfactory. Nicola remembered, “I joined Shopware’s Crowdin project so that other users – and I – could have an accurate, correct and free Italian translation.


Here Nicola illuminates a very important point of Shopware’s Crowdin project: the goal of using this platform is to improve the quality of Shopware’s translations by crowdsourcing to the native users themselves. “In a couple of months, working 30 mins – 1 hour per day, I finally finished the translation” – a dedication that led to an Italian translation every Shopware user can enjoy. Which, if we can be so bold, is the very pinnacle of open source involvement.

Nicola plans to continue working on the quality of the translation, which will be implemented in the following plugin updates. Thank you again, Nicola and Frank Raffeiner (oneandseven) for your dedication toward providing a quality Italian translation! Your work made it possible for countless Italians to begin comfortably working with Shopware and selling in their native language. Bravo!

Have you still not signed up for Shopware’s Crowdin project? There’s no better time than now. Simply head over to our project, create a free account and lend your language skills. We would be proud to have you as a part of the community.

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