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Jacques Lemans opens a new Shopware 5 online store

Jacques Lemans opens a new Shopware 5 online store

Jacques Lemans, a famous Austrian manufacturer of high quality watches, has launched their new online shop using Shopware 5.The shop was implemented by the Austrian agency KEYnet on behalf of sstdesign.

Since their founding in 1975, Jacques Lemans GmbH has been committed to producing the highest quality watches available on the market. The products offered by the manufacturer are characterized by their multifaceted and cutting edge design, as well as the creativity and passion invested in the production process. The Austrian company is 100% owned by the original family.

Based on the business values alone, the company already correlates well with Shopware. As noted by Wiljo Krechting, spokesman for Shopware, “With version Shopware 5 – the software behind the new Jacques Lemans store - we aimed to make online shopping more intuitive and emotional. For a brand like Jacques Lemans and their quality products, Shopware is exactly the right solution.”


Additional reasons helped underline the decision to choose Shopware. Sebastien Steiner, managing director at sstdesigns, said of the decision, “Next to the unique design and array of technical and administrative advantages, Shopware offers exceeding usability in the backend. Moreover, Shopware is technically state-of-the-art and thanks to its open interfaces, is well connected with third party systems.”

To illustrate the technical capabilities, KEYnet seamlessly connected the shop to the ERP system Büroware. The project also included writing individual plugins in order to fully implement the frontend as well as 5 Shopware templates. Today there are currently around 1,800 products available in 50 different categories within the shop.

Despite the comparatively high cost, the project was implemented in a relatively short time. Christoph Batik, KEYnet CEO said, “Due to the excellent communication between everyone involved, we were able to realize the new online shop of Jacques Lemans in less than two months.”

The shop relaunch included a complete redesign of the website. “Jacques Lemans has always been a leader in design and innovation, especially in the online area. We want our partners and customers to dive into the world of Jacques Lemans. To this end, we wanted to offer a complete shopping experience; something which we have definitely achieved.” says Alfred Riedl, CEO of Jacques Lemans.

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