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Janssen-Fritsen migrates to Shopware Enterprise


Dutch sports equipment manufacturer Janssen-Fritsen is professionalising their online strategy and replatforming with a new Shopware shop. Janssen-Fritsen distributes sports equipment worldwide and has been a repeated supplier of the Olympic Games, World Cups and European Championships. Implemented by Shopware Solution Partner Calago B.V., the shop is set to go live in the course of the year.

The decision to replatform came when the existing shop and PIM system were no longer able to cope with the increasing number of online orders. The company was also looking for more modern means to meet current expectations in terms of user-friendliness. With the growing success of their brand, the company came to realise that a professional online presence and shop are essential for customer loyalty.

Clearly defined vision for their new online presence

When selecting their new shop system, Janssen-Fritsen’s requirements were clearly defined from the start. Every brand is to have an independent subshop with its own branding to ensure that customers can be individually targeted. Considering goods are widely distributed worldwide, its necessary that products and customer information be translated directly into several languages and integrated into the shop system. Janssen-Fritsen also wanted a platform where they could centrally manage products in a new PIM system. A solution will now be created from the separate mobile and desktop shops to reflect the modern purchasing behaviour of customers. The ERP system used will be linked to the PIM system and the online shop.

Future-proof migration to Shopware

Together with Dutch partner agency Calago, Janssen-Fritsen opted for Shopware due to the fact that the platform fully meets their software requirements. "The solutions and expertise of PIM systems in combination with Shopware are exactly what we are looking for. Plus, Calago is able to transform our expectations into a suitable solution," says Dominique Hendriks, Marketing Manager at JF Group.

Other reasons for choosing Shopware include the broad feature set that’s available for retailers in the standard version, the more advanced features such as Customer Streams for targeting customers, and the ability to quickly make customisation and display multiple brands separately in subshops in different languages.

Due to the complex range of features that are particularly important for B2B customers such as schools, cities and sporting event organisers, which is where Janssen-Fritsen is particularly active, Janssen-Fritsen decided to also make use of Shopware's B2B Suite.

According to Janssen-Fritsen, the biggest advantage of the migration is that it makes it easier to intelligently manage products and to connect them with other management systems. Dominique Hendriks on the migration to Shopware: "With the new PIM and Shopware, we want to make our business future-proof and take it to a whole new level."


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