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Lisa Haase about her successful start in ecommerce with Shopware Cloud

Lisa Haase about her successful start in ecommerce with Shopware Cloud

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The founding story of Lisa Haase proves how easy it is to start an ecommerce business with Shopware Cloud – even if you don’t have any previous experience. She turned her dreams into reality with her fashion label Haasi-Clothing and shared her story with us.

Lisa Haase, founder of Haasi-Clothing, about her experiences with Shopware Cloud

Dear Lisa, please tell our community who you are and what’s behind Haasi-Clothing?

Hello! My name is Lisa Haase and I’m 30 years old. I live with my husband and my two young children in Eichsfeld, a lovely town in Germany. I’m currently on maternity leave but I’ll start working part-time in administration again soon.

I’ve always loved to express my creativity. When I got pregnant for the first time in 2015 I found my passion for sewing. I made numerous garments and accessories for my own two kids and received a lot of positive feedback from relatives and friends. This is when I decided to turn my passion into a business.

My label Haasi stands for handmade, simple children's clothes and accessories. The business is my dream come true and I’m putting a lot of heart and soul into every piece that I make.

My qualities of standards are:

    • 100 % HANDMADE
    • 100 % high-quality fabrics
    • 100 % heart

Do you run the business alone, or do you already have some employees?

So far, the Haasi-Team consists only of my husband and me. My husband cannot sew, but he’s always by my side and takes care of the logistics. I’m still sewing all the items myself, but this task is slowly getting too much for just one person, and I’m very much looking forward to welcoming two seamstresses into my team soon!

Why did you choose Shopware?

My consulting agency Studio 1 (Shopware Partner Agency), which is based nearby my home, recommended Shopware to me. I really wanted to choose a system that I could maintain myself and that did not require any programming skills. On top of that I have a limited budget.

Have you had any ecommerce experience before that?

No, I was completely new to this and had no experience at all. 

Did you have support with the conception of your online store?

Yes, I worked closely with Studio 1 to support my start-up. They created the logo and the layout for the online store according to my wishes and ideas. They were always available to give advice and offer help, especially in moments when I wanted to bury my head in the sand.

I’d really like to take this opportunity here to say “THANK YOU” for the excellent work and support from Studio 1.

How much time passed from the first idea of your ecommerce business to going live?

I would say from the first idea until going live it took about six months. I actually had a lot of wishes regarding the individuality of the shop, that’s why it probably took a little longer than usual, but it was definitely worth the extra time and effort!

When did your online store go live with Shopware?

In the beginning of December 2020.

How many products do you have in your assortment?

Currently there are about 50 different items, tendency increasing. I have so many new ideas - sometimes I can’t even sleep!

What are your experiences from working daily with Shopware?

Due to my lack of previous ecommerce knowledge, I approached the matter with great respect. Pretty quickly though I was really confident using the software. The more I work with Shopware, the deeper I get into the material. I learned very quickly how to set up and maintain products, add variants, create categories, view orders, and so on.

Every now and again I try something new. If I get stuck, I watch one of the many training videos provided by Shopware, or I simply contact my communications agency. Everything has worked out perfectly. I especially like the clear interface.

Which functions in Shopware do you find particularly useful?

I like the fact that all sales channels can be controlled centrally (Instagram/Facebook and so on). This is very practical, and I’ll definitely use it in the future.

Since I sell personalised products, which can then be labelled with the child's name, I’m very happy about the option of adding comments when the order is being placed. My customers use this to leave their desired data.

Editor's note: With the Shopware Professional Edition in cloud, you can also use "Custom Products" to customise products for an even better user experience.

The Corona crisis has increased the demand for online shopping. Can you already feel some of that in your online store?

Corona has definitely made consumers more willing to buy from online stores. That’s pretty obvious. I went live at the height of the pandemic so I can't say much about the effects on my business in detail. However, my online store had a great start which makes me very happy and proud.

What are your plans for the shop?

Of course, I'd like Haasi to become better known in the future. A label that is recognised by young parents and loved for its quality.

Would you recommend Shopware as an ecommerce solution to other retailers? If yes, why?

Yes, definitely. I believe that Shopware is suitable for almost any business model. 

Thank you so much Lisa, for your honest insights and your openness. We wish you all the best for your future!


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